How To Mine In My Time At Sandrock

Looking forward to dig into the ruins? This guide will help you explore the mines in My Time At Sandrock.

There are many mining locations where you can mine in My Time At Sandrock. However, you can’t access the mines early in the game. You have to build a crane lift first in order to access the mines. This article will tell you how to mine in the game.

How to Dig into Mines in My Time At Sandrock

mining my time at sandrock

There are certain tools you would need to mine the ruins. You will need your pickhammer and pickaxe with which you can dig the mines. You’ll receive a jetpack with which you will be able to fly out of the mines if you dig in too deep. Also, you can use the jetpack while digging out the materials you will find inside the mines. Lastly you will need a scanner which would make mining in My Time At Sandrock a lot easier. You won’t be digging aimlessly if you have the scanner by your side.

With the help of these tools, you can obtain copper and tin ores. You can extract cooper and tin from the recycler.

In order to extract all the materials hidden inside the mines, you will need to keep upgrading your tools. You can upgrade the tools with copper and tin. There are materials in there that can be grabbed through higher level tools. But that’s not all, along with the tools, you have to keep upgrading your weapons accordingly.

The ruins aren’t just mines that you are digging. You will find some dangerous enemies lurking in the ruins. So upgrade your weapons and furnish your fighting abilities because you might need whenever.

Well, there’s one more thing you need to look out for while mining in My Time At Sandrock. The bits and pieces of ancient relics can be found if you dig deeper. You have to assemble those pieces of relics and make it whole. Then you can donate the relics in the museum. Once you donate enough to the museums, you’ll reap the benefits in the future.

This is how you mine in My Time At Sandrock. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Now that you are here, you can check out Burgess Gift Guide in My Time At Sandrock.