How To Get New Characters In

If you want to change your avatar to Catnips and Tsukiyomi, you must first unlock their characters in And here is how you can do that.

The default hero is good, but many other new characters in are must-haves. All heroes have an exclusive skill that is pretty useful during Clan Expeditions. As you level up those, they unlock upgrade buffs of critical damage, HP, attack, heal, and more. Additionally, by collecting shards you can increase their star rate and get the skill associated with those.

It is always better to equip your hero with the gears that boost its present stats during missions and chapters. While there are many ways to get the equipment, obtaining characters is still pretty exhausting. Understanding that, we have brought the methods to make the process easier.

How to Unlock All Characters in

Unlock All Characters in

Except for the default heroes, all characters are introduced either in the Season Pass or an event. Once those end, you only have two ways to get them: Survivor Shards and real purchases. When you tap on characters like King and Yelena, you will see that it says 80 King Shards and 80 Yelena Shards. Buying them is going to be expensive, out of sale, so it’s best to collect their Shards. There are four ways to get Hero Shards in Shards

  • Ender’s Echo Boss: You must battle bosses repeatedly to get the chest with random Survivor Shards.
  • Events: Certain event tasks let you claim these shards on completion. They keep changing, so check often and finish the ones that are offering the reward.
  • Special Ops Exchange: The coins you earn from the Special Ops missions can be exchanged with random shards. To access these challenges, go to the Daily Event and scroll down. Its tasks include killing a specific number of monsters, defeating bosses, and so on.
  • Ranking: If you rank higher in the ongoing event, you will get random and specific characters Survivor Shards. They also give chests where you can select certain hero pieces.

How to Get Catnips and Tsukiyomi

Catnips and Tsukiyomi were some of the first characters introduced in the game. Catnips was part of the Annual Christmas Carnival event, and Tsukiyomi was available in Survivor Pass Season 1. Since they have ended, you have to either wait for them to reappear or collect random shards through the above methods. You can also purchase them with real currency.

That’s all on how to unlock and get all characters in If this is interesting, make sure to check out our dedicated section and learn more about the game.