Gardenscapes Server Crashing Fix

Gardenscapes is a popular online farming game. Let's see how to fix the Gradenscapers server crashing error and fix other errors in the game

Gardenscapes is a casual match-3 game for Android, iOS and Facebbok platform.This game is all about constructing your dream garden. The game has different challenging levels which keep the players in it. The storyline is on a butler called Austin who builds a mansion and a garden. To complete chores and buy decorating items players have to earn starts. There are also multiple mini games in the game like puzzles which will help you to level up in the game. But recently the game is crashing and here is a guide on gardenscapes server crashing fix.

How To Fix Gardenscapes from Crashing?

Fix Gardenscapes from Crashing

Are you also facing Server Crashing issue? Here are some Gardenscapes Server Crashing fix for you.

Check Device requirements:

Make sure you are using Android device above  version 8 and has RAM is at least 2 GB. Using devices with lower version will end up crashing the server every now and then.

Check For the App Update:

Make sure your Gardenscapes app is up to date. If not check in play store for updates to fix Gardenscapes Server Crashing.

Google Play store > Search > Gardenscapes > Click on Update

Clear Catche Data:

Clear the Catche Data from settings to stop Gardenscapes from lagging. For that go ti settings and find applications. In the list of Applicatons click on the Gardenscapes. You will find two options. Click on the “Clear Catche” and see if its fixed.

Clear Game Data:

If still not fixed try clicking on the button next to the Clear Catche named “Clear Data”. This will clear all the unnecessary data used by the game.

OG Restart

If you tried all the above mentioned steps still the Gardenscapes Server Crashing is not fixed. Try reinstalling the app from the play store. Doing this you will again have to start from Level 1. So do it on your own risk!

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