How To Find The Meaning Of Boiling Lava In Palia

Clueless about the boiling lava dream of the Zeki in Palia? Talk to this villager and find out the meaning.

Dreams have always been the topics of discussion and wonder in this fantasy world. Everyone interprets them differently, depending on their nature and line of work. The ongoing event Luna New Year has introduced several quests. The last one among which is A Year to Remember, which dwells on the meaning of them.

Once you have completed all other quests from the event, you receive mail from the Zeki. He tells you that there is something real fishy going on, and he needs your help to figure it out. The next thing you do is talk to him in the Maji Market. During the conversation, he will tell you about his recurring dreams about exploding stars, boiling lava, and soggy paper. You might have deciphered everything else, but finding the meaning of boiling lava in Palia has been difficult for many.

Who Knows the Meaning of Boiling Lava in Palia

Complete a Year to Remember by Finding Meaning of Boiling Lava in Palia
Talk to Reth to find meaning of boiling lava

You will find the meaning of boiling lava by speaking to the Reth in the Maji Market. Remember the market is open only between 6 pm to 3 am, so you must be there at those hours. There are mainly two reasons why you might haven’t been able to interpret this dream. Some players don’t see a flag on the Reth, and some just can’t see the option during the conversation.

If you are faced with this issue, the first thing you must do is check that the quest is pinned. Press the J key to open the Quests Tab. Look for A Year to Remember and select the pin on the upper right corner to prioritize it. Now, you should see the flag on the NPCs. If this is not working, return to your plot and come back the next in-game day. You should see the flag and dialogue then.

Lastly, first interpret the meaning of the exploding stars and soggy paper by talking to Najuma, Chayne, and Delalia in the same sequence. Reth should tell you the meaning at this point. Once you have completed all the other tasks of this quest, you will receive some Renown and a decorative item, the New Year Candy Box. Additionally, you will finish the Stamp Cards accomplishment “Cat’s Outta The Bag“. This achievement gives 500 Lucky Envelopes.

After interpreting the meaning of boiling lava in Palia and finishing the quest, you should focus on the Hotpot Game. The minigame will help you earn lots of Lucky Envelopes and other consumable & decorative items.