All Final Gear Trivia Quiz Questions & Correct Answers

Here are the correct answers to all Final Gear Trivia Quiz questions.

Final Gear has been released for Android and iOS devices. The developers are not leaving any stone unturned to keep their users entertained and engaged by in-game activities. They had recently added a Quiz in Final Gear, which is a bit difficult yet fun and entertaining for all players.

There are tons of players who have already solved the Final Gear quiz but many are having trouble finding the correct answer to trivia questions. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of all Final Gear Quiz and Answers. For the unversed, Quiz can be found in the Hall of Fame room, which is also known as the exhibition room.

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Once you go through the below-mentioned Final Gear Quiz answers, you will be able to score the highest ranking and get the best reward every day in the game.

How To Take Part in Final Gear Trivia Quiz?

Final Gear Quiz Answers

Participating in Final Gear Trivia Quiz is pretty simple. All you need to do is launch Final Gear on your phone and click on the button next to the trophies to expand the Menu. Once the menu is expanded, you will have to tap on ‘HoF‘ aka (Hall of Fame). For the unversed, this feature will unlock after clearing 2-3 levels.

Final Gear Quiz Answers

Once you cleared 2-3 level and click on HoF, you will see the Quiz button. All you need to do is click on that button to answer Final Gear Trivia Quiz.

All Final Gear Quiz Question And Answers – 2021

We have provided all questions and their correct answers asked in Final Gear Trivia Quiz. As soon as more questions are added to this quiz, we will update this post with their right answers.

Q: How tall is Snowy?
A: 130 cm

Q: What is Veronica’s hobby?
A: Collecting antiques

Q: What is the name of the organization established by Alexa?
A: Shapeshifter

Q: What does Memay dislike?
A: Strangers

Q: Who founded Blacark?
A: Zero

Q. What is your relationship with Akari Onikage?
A. Half brother and sister

Q: What is not included in Aita’s hobbies?
A: Drinking tea and reading newspapers

Q: What happened to Cynthia’s sister?
A: She was seriously ill

Q: What does Murasaki dislike?
A: Cockroaches

Q: What is Rebeyrca’s nickname?
A: Valkyrie

Q: What pet does Esmeralda prefer?
A: Cats

Q: How tall is Amber?
A: 149 cm

Q: What will Sweety do if you upset her?
A: Cry

Q: What is Chilino’s role in Steel Witch’s team?
A: Good-natured mechanic

Q: When did Margaret become the personal guard of the princess?
A: At 20

Q: Who has Leight trying to avenge?
A: Her father

Q: What is Helena not good at?
A: Calming down

Q: What special talent does Patti have?
A: Photographic memory

Q: What creature is Evelynn?

Q: Where did Nova emerge from?
A: Corbero

Q: What is not included in Aya Kujyou’s interests?
A: Swordplay

Q: In which area has Yogui shown an incredible talent?
A: Music

Q: Who is the captain of Special Forces Akarna?
A: Leangle

Q: What family does Sumora belong to?
A: Designer’s family

Q. What is Illeheath’s hobby?
A. Collecting screws

Q: Where was Bernadette transferred as a bodyguard?
A: Devil’s Order

Q: What is Sinori’s height?
A: 130 cm

Q: Who is the captain of “Health and Happiness Sisterhood”?
A: Favia

Q: What does Xiaolin hate?
A: Eating without drinking water

Q: What is Shyaditty’s cup size?
A: A Cup

Q: What is Coreleah’s official position?
A: Commander of the Northern Army

Q: Which part of the combined mech does Blade control?
A: Frame

Q: How many times has Jasmine been married?
A: 6

Q: Which institute created Ariel?
A: Shedd Institute

Q: What food does Shmily prefer?
A: Vegetarian meals

Q: What is Miloa’s job?
A: Information Department Manager

Q: Who is the captain of the Arkana Special Forces of Ereta?
A: Lingor

Q: What is Violet’s background?
A: A slave in Kegha

Q: What does Ada dislike?
A: Studying

Q: What did Taysia used to be?
A: An aristocrat

Q: What is Miroa’s official position?
A: Minister of Intelligence

Q: What is Lin Beier’s research field?
A: Fusion experiment

Q: What does α-16 dislike?
A: Routine maintenance

Q: Why Dolores doesn’t like fighting?
A: Afraid of getting dirty

Q: What does Rinbell prefer to research?
A: Hybridization

Q: What is not included in the tasks of Favia’s squad?
A: Sweep

Q: Where was Jessis once patrol as a patrol officer?
A: The Desert

Q: Which side did Natasha protect?
A: Northern

Q: What is Xime’s username?
A: Fast Bunny

Q: What name is Eggy + Peggy?
A: Aperl

Q: What does Bathory like to begin sentences with?
A: In theory

Q: What training did Nizzy do to become a flawless combatant?
A: Testing combat machines

Q: Where did the name ComiBoni originally come from?
A: From a hamster and a goldfish

Q: When is Elizabeth’s birthday?
A: 24/2/2021

Q: What does Evelynn like?
A: Video games

Q: Which mercenary group is PN26 Illeheath from?
A: Paranoid

Q: What is Favia’s Height?
A: 170 cm

Q: Who is the Exclusive Pilot of Cerberus?
A: Bernadette

Q: What is the name of Evelynn & Carol’s Exclusive Mecha?
A: White Crow MK II

Q: What does Aya Kujyou like?
A: Flower

Q: What is the Mercenary Team that Evelynn is in?
A: Blacark

Q: What are the Three main forces?
A: Hexel, Kegha, Arita

Hope this post helped you solve all questions asked in Final Gear Quiz and earn numerous exclusive rewards. If you want to get answers to upcoming questions, be sure to bookmark this page as we will keep you updated with additional questions when they are released.