Fate/Grand Order: How To Get Spirit Origin

Here's how players can get Spirit Origin in the game.

Fate/Grand Order is a free-to-play Japanese mobile game based on Type-Moon’s Fate/stay night franchise. In the game, players can obtain multiple characters through the gacha mechanism. One way to obtain new characters in Fate/Grand Order is through Spirit Origin. There are several characters like Gilgamesh and Altria that can be exchanged for Unregistered Spirit Origin. However, many players are wondering how to get Spirit Origin in the game. This guide will explain the process in simple terms.

How To Get Spirit Origin In Fate/Grand Order?


Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based game. In it, players RP as Masters in control of familiars known as Servants. These characters can battle opponents and progress the story. The game is narrated in the form of a visual novel. Each servant has unique scenarios to explore. There are some characters that can be obtained by exchanging unregistered Spirit Origin. Recently, Gilgamesh was available in exchange for 10 USO (Unregistered Spirit Origins).

To collect Spirit Origin in the game, players must pull the same 5-star servant 5 times in the game. After that each time players draw that servant, they will get a single unregistered Spirit Origin. Players will have to stack these up in order to get a 5-star servant on rate up or on the general pool. As players may have guessed, this is not a very popular method of acquiring characters in the game.

It is a good option for players that are willing to spend money on this game. Such players will find it easy to stock up on Spirit Origin. However, players that just want to rely on skill in the game might want to skip this process. It is clearly skewered toward the paying players in Fate/Grand Order. Therefore, players will have a much easier time trying to reroll for their favorite character instead.