How To Farm Zeny In Ragnarok Origin

Farm Zeny easily in Ragnarok Origin with the help of this guide.

Players can now effortlessly gain the in-game currency Zeny in Ragnarok Origin. Though Zeny is not the only in-game currency, there are Eden coins and Nyan Berry too. However, the role of Zeny is quite important too, as certain items can be brought with the help of it only. Here is how you get it.

How to Get Zeny in Ragnarok Origin

how to farm zeny in ragnarok origin

You can get Zeny in Ragnarok Origin by completing the Dailies, spending cards, and selling items.

  • Through Daily Quests or Events, you can get Zeny by going to the Events calendar and completing the events and quests given.
  • You can also take part in the MVP events, Mini Bossess events, and more.
  • On completion, of such events, you get a certain amount of Zeny as a reward.
  • You can also join the Weekly Benefit Guild to get around 30,000 Zeny.
  • You can also find other Guilds to enter at their respective timings to gain rewards and Zeny in Ragnarok Origin.
  • Along with that, selling items is also one of the best ways to earn Zeny.
  • You have to carefully choose which items can get you the maximum amount of Zeny and then sell it, or auction it.
  • Last but not least is the spending cards method. In this method, you can sell your unused cards or old cards that you no longer want to use.
  • The spending cards method is the most common, and effective method for players to gain Zeny.

With the help of all of the above ways to farm Zeny, we hope we have helped you make the most out of it.

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