ExoMiner: How To Make Heat Sensor

Read this guide to learn how to create a Heat Sensor in ExoMiner.

The game is all about mining ores, refining, and constructing. But understanding how that happens and what you need to start production for dozens of items like Heat Sensors can be a little confusing. So read this guide and learn where and how to make a Heat Sensor in ExoMiner.

Where and How to Make Heat Sensors in ExoMiner

Get Heat Sensor In ExoMiner

Players need to construct a Heat Sensor from their Construction line. And for that, they have to unlock the Constructor from the research line. So keep reading to know how it happens in the game. Plus, learn the number of resources you would require in the process.

  • Start the game and unlock as many resource spots as you can. So that you would have plenty of resources for the coming steps.
  • Now tap on the Research button from the bottom. The Research tab is denoted with a molecular formula symbol.
  • Unlock the Refinery using 250 Tin and 600 Carbon. This unlocks your Refine line.
  • The Refinery research has two lines. So follow the upper one to unlock the Construction line.
  • To research Constructor you require 5.00K Cobalt and 5 Refined Tin.
  • Collect the required amount and go to the Research area. Select Constructor and tap Research.
  • Now tap on the hammer-like icon and hit the empty slot. Scroll down and select Cables.
  • Unlock the Fuse, and then you will get an option for Heat Sensor. Unlock it for $50.00K.
  • You need 2 cables and 10 Copper Bars to construct a Heat Sensor. Collect Copper Bars by refining Copper.
  • Once you have obtained the required amount. Start new construction and choose Heat Sensor this time.

That’s all you need to do to get a Heat Sensor in ExoMiner. While you are here, skim through our site and read guides like how to get Ash and refine Ores in the same game.