Diablo Immortal Vs Diablo 3

Here are all of the differences between Diablo Immortal Vs Diablo 3

With Diablo Immortal coming to PC this June, many wonder whether it will live up to the hype of Diablo III. This is a series that doesn’t claim to be great, nor does it care about telling long stories. Which actually makes playing the game that much more fun and interesting. But is there a need to get Diablo Immortal on your device? Or is Diablo III enough? Here is your guide to finding out the comparison between Diablo Immortal Vs Diablo 3.

This MMOARPG has caused quite a stir among the community with its story as well as gameplay. The series has been a refreshing addition to the genre with its take on how games should be. In a way, it could be compared to John Wick in the action movie genre.


Comparison of Diablo Immortal to Diablo 3

Diablo Immortal Vs Diablo 3

Here is everything that you need to know about the differences between Diablo Immortal Vs Diablo 3.



You will find Diablo Immortal is more polished than Diablo 3. It runs smoothly on the phone because it has learnt from the mistakes made in Diablo III. Of course, you will need a stable internet connection to play the game. As with any online RPG.

Cross-play will also be introduced in Diablo Immortal when it comes to PC. While the game is fast-paced and chaotic, you will enjoy Diablo Immortal just as much as Diablo 3. However, the tone of voice in the game is much more similar to Diablo 2. This makes it seem more like a sequel of part 2 over a continuation of part 3.


Another fun thing about Diablo Immortal is that the game allows for cross-save as well. This means that you can play a continuation of your game from multiple devices. Just save and open the same account on your other device.

Another plus point to the Immortal game is that it doesn’t have an energy system to limit free play on the app. Since it was made for mobile gaming, Diablo Immortal also has shorter activities to fit in shorter play sessions. However, if you enjoy longer sessions then Diablo 3 probably would be better for you!

Unlike most games in the Diablo series, Immortal allows you to change character class without resetting their progress. Of course, continuing with the same class will yield better fruits through the game but this is a fun new addition that makes switching easier.



The Leaderboards in Diablo Immortal even have rewards! Just like the Rifts in Diablo 3, you are able to climb the ranks and work on increasingly difficult challenges. You even get rewarded with currency for that. However, now, there is the ‘Challenge Rift Event’ that resets every week. You can win great rewards if you come in the top 10 for your class.


Immortal has removed set items which Diablo 3 had. This increases flexibility and allows you to stop pigeonholed building. You can even upgrade your equipment in Diablo Immortal to build stats. While some aren’t very great, there are others that completely change the way a particular skill works. For example, the ray of frost changes from a beam to a blizzard, while scorch transforms into a frozen orb. There are many changes like this and we’re all excited to see what comes next.

You can even use the charm slot to give extra ranks to skills. Craft with the in-depth crafting system on Diablo Immortal to salvage an upgrade. The Legendary drop rate is lower than that in Diablo 3. And so, with efficient farming, you could probably get a Legendary within 2-3 hours of play.


While collecting bounties in Diablo 3 might have been more like a chore, you will enjoy doing it in Diablo Immortal. The game will have you logging in just so that you can collect all 12 bounties per day. It doesn’t even take that long to get them all as you can find your bounty within an hour, tops. They reward you with rare currencies and items that keep you hooked to the game.

Diablo Immortal even has easier objectives to fulfil. Thus making it easier for solo players to enjoy as you collect them. You will find most of your bounties either in the open world or in the dungeons of the map.


There are tons of things to look forward to as you run around the world of Diablo Immortal. Find regular, glorious and cursed chests all around the map. You will even come across a bunch of elites while you’re out there. The randomness of the game will feel somewhat similar to Diablo 3’s style of throwing you into random levels in the game.

Of course, for those of you that are a little bit more competitive, you can always repeat a level till you get the best from it. The possibilities truly are endless in this game.

While both, Diablo Immortal and Diablo 3 are great games to play, we would definitely pick Diablo Immortal over D3. This is simply because the game is obviously an improvement over D3 in more ways than one. Of course, this is subjective to the writer and their personal preferences. And those of you that do not enjoy mobile gaming as much as we do will probably feel different. However, with all the new stuff that Diablo Immortal is bringing along with every update, it is surely only going to get better.

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