How To Defeat Titan In Shadow Fight 2 (SF2)

Can't take down the deadly final boss, Titan of Shadow Fight 2? Here is what you should prepare to defeat him.

Titan is an Intergalactic Conqueror of the worlds, who appears as the final boss in SF2. He currently resides in the Shadow World, and you must have already seen him in the game intro. All his moves are unique to him, as no other bosses use them. He is tall and has a giant sword called Titan’s Desolator. Like the name, the weapon is deadly, taking the life of anyone who challenges its wielder.

He is the main antagonist of the game, who after invading any world mind controls its inhabitants to expand his army. Which he then uses to conquer the next one. Since the people of the Shadow World had strong control over their minds, he was unable to turn them into his puppets. This leads to the destruction of the whole race, however, one survives. After a series of events, you have gotten the responsibility to take down his demons and defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2. You will face a lot of hurdles, but by paying attention to these, you will be able to beat him comparatively easier.

How to Beat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 (SF2)

How to Beat Titan in SF2
Image Credit: NEKKI

Before you challenge the enemy, it is better to know his offensive and defensive capabilities. Titan has three equipment and magic: Titan’s Desolator, Titan’s hand, and Mind Throw. The desolator has Lifesteal enchantment, and it is huge. He performs all kinds of slash moves with this sword; forward and thrust slash, double, heavy, spinning, upper, and super.

Super in my opinion is the toughest to dodge, as here he swings the sword from above your head and slams it on the ground twice. The second one is immune to block. Similar to that, he also performs Headbutt and Throw, where he targets your head. Thus, the first thing you must do is enchant your helmet with Damage Absorption.

Second, due to his heavy weapon, he isn’t as fast as the others, so you should use Frenzy on your equipment. Even with that, you should stay in mid to dodge his Stomps and Extendable Arm. Now talking about the magic attacks, Force Wave is one of the best against Titan.

The hexagon you see in front of him is his shield, and it has many perks and enchantments. Namely, Lifesteal, Regeneration, Enfeeble, Magic Recharge, Weakness, Ricochet, and Enlightenment. Whenever his shield is about to recharge perform a double kick to break it. Targeting his legs is also useful, as he is slower than most. Fast weapons like Pneumo Fists are helpful against him.

That’s all about the weapons, magic, offense, and defense to know for defeating Titan in Shadow Fight 2. After that, it all depends on practice and patience. He is not a final boss for nothing. It is hard to take him down on your first try. Not have enough resources to obtain new equipment? Learn about the SF2 hack.