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Counter Strike: What Does ‘De’ Mean? (Explained)

Here's the meaning of the prefix "de" that you have seen before the names of maps in Counter Strike.

Counter Strike has a lot of maps such as Mirage, Inferno, Dust II and more. You may have noticed a particular prefix before the names of multiple maps, one of them being “de”. In this article, we will take a look at what does “de” mean in Counter Strike and how it changes the gameplay for that map.

What does the ‘De’ Prefix Mean in Counter Strike?

meaning of de prefix cs

The maps having “de” in their name are basically those which have a bomb defusal scenario. It’s a classic game mode which many players prefer to use. For example, Dust II is also known by the filename de_dust2 and Inferno is also called de_inferno.

Some other prefixes in the game are CS which is about Hostage rescue, AR (Arms Race), ES for Escape, DZ for Danger Zone and AS for Assassination.

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So, when players pick one of such maps, you will be tasked with planting or defusing a bomb, depending on the team you choose. The Terrorists have to plant a bomb at one of two locations on the map and the Counter-Terrorists have to ensure that the bomb is defused before time. They can also win if they take down all Terrorists before the bomb is planted.

If you are playing as a Terrorist, you need to make sure the bomb is planted and the opponents don’t manage to defuse it. You can also win if you eliminate all Counter-Terrorists.

The Bomb Defusal mode is considered to be one of the most famous game modes till date, and is highly preferred for esports matches. Many streamers love it as well. Overall, it’s pretty balanced and a lot of fun.

That’s all about the meaning of “de” in CS. With that out of the way, be sure to read our CSGO guides on Games Adda to learn more tips and tricks.