Clash Of Clans: What Is Upgrade Tracker?

Upgrade tracker will help you keep a trck of your progress in COC!

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play mobile strategy game loved by many players. The gameplay is pretty simple, the player plays as a chief of a village where he has to build his own village and destroy other villages to gain points. When you build or destroy a village get points in return that you can use to level up in the game. Upgrade tracker in Clash Of Clans helps players to keep a track of all the activities in the game.

Scroll down and read further to know what is Upgrade Tracker in Clash Of Clans and how does it work.


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What Is Upgrade Tracker?

Clash Of Clans Upgrade Tracker


As you play the game you must be aware of the fact that building and destroying villages is the format of the game. But to build and protect your village one needs a lot of elixir and gold. At the same time, you also should make sure your builders are available. Upgrade tracker in Clash Of Clans is basically a tracker that keeps updates on all your construction and research going in the lab.

It help you to organize your building expeditions systematically to utilize your elixir and gold wisely. There are many players who get trapped in a situation when they either fall short of gold and elixir or the builders. This is one of the biggest problems that players usually face and slow down when it comes to expanding their village in the game.

How To Use Upgrade Tracker In Clash Of Clans?


The Upgrade tracker is a free-to-use third-party site available online that helps you organize your buildings and lab systematically. You can surf the internet and search for “Clash of Clans Upgrade Tracker” and get it for free.  All you have to do here is log in using your Clash Of Clans ID and search for your village.

As you get on the page you will get all the information about your home village and building base. Apart from that, you can also track the trader offers for all the upcoming things that are going to be available in the game.

The site has a very easy user interface that any player can understand by getting there. So, get on the tracker and start tracking your progress using the Upgrade tracker in Clash Of Clans.