Legends Of Runeterra: How To Change Language

Uncomfortable with the default language of the Legends of Runeterra? Change it and get the most out of your experience.

Set in the world as LoL, Legends of Runeterra is a card battle game, where you must create a combination that wins not out of sheer luck, but due to your strategy. It showcases nine regions: Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover & Zaun, Ionia, Targon, Shurima, the Shadow Isles, and Bandle City. As you unlock, mix, and match to go against the opponent, you might feel like playing this would have been better in your language.

Fortunately for us, Riot Games wants you to enjoy it to the full, so you have plenty of options to choose from. However, if you are not sure how to switch or change your language in Legends of Runeterra PC and mobile, then you have landed on the right page. Below are the steps you need to follow for it.

How to Switch Language in Legends of Runeterra PC

Switch Language in Legends of Runeterra PC
Image Credit: Riot Games

Changing the language of LoR on a PC is way easier than on a mobile. You just have to use the Roit client for it:

  • Before signing in, you must click on the profile icon from the top right corner.
  • Select the Settings.
  • Under the Riot Client tab, you will see the option. Use the drop-down menu and select the vernacular you prefer.
  • Click the x from the upper right corner and again go to Settings to make sure it was switched.
  • Lastly, just use your username and password to sign in and enjoy the game.

How to Change Language in Mobile

How to Change Language in Mobile LoR
Image Credit: Riot Games

Since this app is downloaded from the Play Store and App Store, you can switch its language directly from the game. Simply follow the steps:

  • Open the LoR on mobile.
  • While at home, tap on the gear icon from the top right corner.
  • It will open the Options menu.
  • In the General tab, you will see the Language option.
  • Use the drop-down and select the one you prefer.
  • Tap on the Done and see the changes.

If the settings aren’t working for you, and you are unable to change the language in Legends of Runeterra, then go to its official support page and submit a ticket. Afterward, see our Gaming section to find more games from the developer.