How To Build Judge Kise In Epic Seven

Wondering how to build Judge Kise? This guide will help you.

Epic 7 is an adventure fantasy game with over 100 characters. And it is still increasing. Having that many great choices make it confusing for players to know which one they should pick to conquer their enemies. Even with this confusion, some characters or heroes are no doubt most preferred. Like Specimen Sez, Politis, Ludwig, Basar, Judge Kise, and more. In this guide, we will focus on Judge Kise and how to build her in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven (E7): How to Build Judge Kise

Build Judge Kise In E7

Judge Kise is a Light element S+ tier grade five hero. She belongs to the Warrior class, and her horoscope is Virgo. You can obtain her through Moonlight Summon, and she has two skins: default and Heir of Holy Light. Her skills include Sever, End of Evil, and Wave of Light. Her Scythe attack Sever has a 35% chance of decreasing enemy defense for 2 turns. You need MolaGora, Flame of Soul, Demon Blood Gem, and Gold to fully enhance this skill.

Her second skill, End of Evil attacks all opponents at once and decreases the hit chance for 1 turn. This skill can be enhanced using MolaGora, Flame of Soul, Demon Blood Gem, and Gold. The third skill, Wave of Light, has a burn effect that grants an extra turn. You can attack all your enemies with this skill, and it has a 55% chance to dispel one buff. It can also grant skill nullifier. The enhancement ingredients are the same as the other two skills.

It is best to focus on Judge Kise’s Critical Hit Chance, Effectiveness, Speed, and Attack stats. And investing in her Speed and Effectiveness will make her an asset debuffer. She is known to increase skill cooldowns, dispel buff, and defense break. The most recommended Artifacts for her are Sigurd Scythe, Portrait of the Saints, and A Symbol of Unity.

This is all you need to know about Judge Kise and how to build her in Epic Seven. If you found this article knowledgeable. Then also read how to build Sigret and how to get Judge Kise Skin in E7.