Dislyte: 7 Best Support Espers

Want to build your support in Dislyte, check out this list.

As you level up in this game, the difficulty will also increase and at that time you are going to need different units of espers or heroes to protect, support and attack the enemy you are encountering. In this list, you’ll see the best support Espers to have in Dislyte.

Best Support Espers in Dislyte

Espers In Dislyte


  • Njord Gabrielle is a five-star Esper, her unique ability is that she can mass buff and debuff. Her other skills include Wavebreaker, Broadside and Rush.
  • Wavebreaker lets her damage the enemy with up to 140% of attack, Broadside allows her to attack the enemy three times giving 80% blow to them, and lastly Rush, it blesses allied members with immunity and defense for two turns.
  • As captain, she increases the HP of an ally by 30%.


  • Sif Sally is a five-star Esper with Flow as her attribute. Her proficiency is in healing. Her skills include Light Call, Universal and Ode to Joy.
  • Light call increases immunity for two turns and allows the player to attack the enemy three times with a blow of 45%, Universal allows her to debuff and gives attack up, and lastly, Ode to Joy, allows her to increase healing amount up to 26%.
  • As a captain, she increases the resistance of an ally by 40%.


  • Shu Unas is a five-star Esper with Shimmer as his attribute. He is good with speed. His skills include Follow the Wind, Zephyrus and Gale Force.
  • Wind allows him to attack the enemy 3 times with damage up to 35% and also decreases their defense occasionally, Zephyrus gives immunity in the end if players are not immobile, and lastly, Gale Force allows him to increase teams attack points by 30% and can deal damages up to 90%.
  • As a captain, he can increase the speed of an ally in Holabattle by 35%.


  • Hera Clara is another five-star Esper whose attribute is Inferno. Her expertise is in the healing field. Her skills include Queen’s Blessing, Queen’s Protection and Hymn of Life.
  • Queen’s Blessing allows her to heal her two allies by 5% of their max HP and also blows attack on the enemy for up to 110%, Queen’s Protection increases immunity for one turn and removes two debuffs, and Hymn of Life can boost Attack Point of the team by 20% and can recover 35% of their Max HP.
  • As a captain, she increases defense in Point War by 40%.


  • Freyr Fabrice is a four-star Esper with the wind as her attribute. Her skills include Glorious Aura, Love Sonata, and Autumn Butterflies.
  • Glorious Aura allows her to deal damage up to 110%, Love Sonata lets her give one teammate 100% attack point, and lastly Autumn Butterflies grants invincibility to one of her teammates for one turn and also increases the immunity of teammates for two turns.
  • As a captain, she can increase the resistance of allies by 30%.


  • Artemis Mona is a four-star Esper, whose attribute is Flow. Her skills include Moonshot, Hunter’s Mark and Lunar Hail.
  • Moonshot lets her deal damage up to 130%, Hunter’s Mark can deal damage up to 70% and restore the HP of teammates by 30%, and lastly, Lunar Hail lets her attack the enemy four times.
  • As a captain, she can increase the attack power of an ally by 24%

Ye Suhua

  • Shao Siming Ye Suhua is a 3-star Esper, whose attribute is Shimmer. Her skills include Stardust, Astral Guardian and Star Dancer.
  • Stardust lets her deal damage of up to 130%, Astral Guardian allows her to heal an ally for up to 30% of their max HP and also gives them invincibility for one turn, and lastly, Star Dancer increases attack and defense of all the ally for two turns.

This is a list of best support Espers in Dislyte. To read more such articles check out how to change account.