Best Rocket League Camera Settings (November 2022)

Unsure what the best camera setting is for Rocket League? Don't worry, we've got your back.

Rocket League camera settings can make or break your gameplay. You can dramatically improve your gameplay by selecting the right settings. Similarly, having the wrong settings can hold you back. To have success in the game, having skills is not enough. Other factors such as camera settings are equally important in Rocket League!

Customizing camera settings to your gaming preferences and gameplay is the best approach. Since your style of playing is different from others, a setting that suits others may not suit you. Nevertheless, we checked out the best camera settings used by professional Rocket League players, which we have compiled for you. All users are likely to find these settings suitable.

Best Rocket League Camera Settings

Best Rocket League Camera Settings

Field of View: 110%

With a FOV of 110, you see more of the field and have a better view. By getting to know your surroundings better, you’re able to plan your movements more effectively.

Distance: 280

Most players keep this at 220 or 330. Ultimately, 220 is too close to where you are standing, limiting your movement and visibility. 330 is far away and much harder to control. The 260 is the perfect distance view and helps you navigate more efficiently.

Height: 110

There isn’t much of a difference, though most professional players use it at 110 and it seems to work fine.

Angle: -4

Most of the time, this is a personal choice, but too much or too little can impact the overall look of your game. Pro players usually set it to -4.

Stiffness: 1.00

Honestly, this depends entirely on personal taste as well. We recommend you play 1.00 until you find the best one, but you need to play enough to find it.

Swivel Speed: 2.50

This shows the speed at which the camera rotates as we move around. Setting it to 2.50 will allow you to see the surroundings while also moving fast enough.

Transition Speed: 1.10

With 1.10 you can fluidly switch to ball cam without any problems.

Invert Swivel: On

According to us, these are the best camera settings that you must use in Rocket League. Having great camera settings in Rocket League, you’ll be ready for your opponents. Here is how you can fix crossplay not working in Rocket League.