Best Games Like Vampire Survivors For PC, Android & More

Who wouldn't want more of a rogue-style video game like Vampire Survivors? This is why, we have got a list of some of the best games like it.

Even though Vampire Survivors is one of the best out there we have found some more interesting video and mobile games alternatives. We understand that you have completed the 13 stages and are now on a hunt for more games like it. You will be surprised to know that there are so many shooter and roguelike video games like Vampire Survivors for you to try. Without wasting any more time let’s look at some of the best ones among them.

Top 5 Games like Vampire Survivors

1. Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde (PC)

best games like vampire survivors spirit hunters

The first on our list is Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde, one of the best shooter Video Games like Vampire Survivors. The game is set in an action rogue-lite genre. Unlock characters like Vivian, Magnus, and more, awaken the spirit hunter within to fight monsters and survive. You also unlock magical elements that help you in battle. It can be bought for Rs 400 on Steam.

Download ‘Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde’

2. Soulstone Survivors (PC, macOS)

best games like vampire survivors soulstone survivors

Another Action Roguelike game is Soulstone Survivors a best alternative to Vampire Survivors. It is available on PC and macOS. The best part about the game is that it is liked by many players. In this game you can have boss fights, unlock characters, craft weapons, and more. There are a lot of skills you can discover in this game. The full version of the game costs Rs 480.

Download ‘Soulstone Survivors’

3. Spellbook Demonslayers (PC)

spellbook demonslayers

Spellbook Demonslayers is in its early access stages but is loved by players who play Vampire Survivors. The reviews are very positive and the game comes with its unique features. You can now steal enemy powers, this feature has got players very excited. Along with creating your playstyle and completing on-map events. Furthermore, the game offers players a lot of flexibility in its art styles. The game costs Rs 212 along with some other bundles and content purchases.

Download ‘Spellbook Demonslayers’

4. Bardbarian (Android, iOS, PC, macOS)


This indie game is a must to try if you enjoy games like Vampire Survivors. Bardbarian is available for mobile and PC. You play as Brad in the game who is a Bardbarian. However, the game revolves around Brad being tired of fighting monsters for his town and wants to cherish his dream of making music instead. This makes it even more difficult for players and they have to play and earn XP for Brad. It is an interesting take on tower defense and is quite bizarre at some points. The game is a paid game and costs RS 349 for PC but free for Android and iOS

Download ‘Bardbarian’

5. Zombie Survivors (Android, PC)

zombie survivors

This action-packed game is again here as one of the best alternatives for Vampire Survivors. As the name suggests Zombie Survivors is an indie role-playing game where you fight zombies, collect loot, and level up. You can become infinitely powerful in this game. Along with, not only fighting zombies but also other creepy creatures, hellhounds, and bats. The game costs Rs 125 on Steam.

Download ‘Zombie Survivors’

Here were some of the best role-playing action games like Vampire Survivors for you to get your hands on. For a never-ending tower defense games experience with a bit of roguelike twist to it. If you found this article helpful you can also check out this guide on how to unlock all the characters in Vampire Survivors.