Best Games Like House Party

Here's a list of all the best games like House Party.

Looking for similar games like House Party? Here’s everything you were looking for. As we all know, House party is a Comedy Dating Sim Adventure game for grown-ups. In this game, you’ll come across various exciting situations, which will lead you to a different ending. However, if you’ve already played House Party and looking for similar games to play, then we’ve got you covered. Get ready to explore and meet new characters.

List of Similar Games Like House Party (2022)

Check out the list of all the best similar games like House party and choose your favorite.

Gal Gun 2

gal gun 2

Gal Gun 2 is one of the best alternative games like House party. In this game, you play the role of a character, who is irresistible to every girl in your school. While you’re flirting you also get a chance to go on various quests and slay demons to unlock new stories and missions. So don’t waste more time and try out this game now.


huniepop best similar games like house party

HuniePop is a dating simulator puzzle game, where you can interact with female characters and also give them gifts. In HuniePop you also get a chance to go on dates with several women. If you treat them right, then you’ll get Hunie points, which will help you increase your character’s stat. Doing this will eventually increase your success rates on dates.

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AI * Shoujo – Best Game Like House Party

ai shouja best games like house party

AI * Shoujo is an Adventure survival game, where the story takes place on a Tropical island. In this game, you end up on a peaceful island, with full of beautiful girls to go dates on. You’ll also come across various 3D NPCs that you can customize according to your preferences. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and find out more by playing the game.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

dream daddy

Dream Daddy is a visual novel Dating Simulator game for grown ups. Where you play the role of a dad, whose main aim is to go on hot dates. In this game, you get an option to customize your character on your own. So don’t mess it up and try to go on as many as dates you can.

Summertime Saga

summertime saga games like house party

Summertime Saga is also a visual novel game and is also considered to be the best alternative games like House party. In this game, you get to visit whichever part of the city you want and interact with the characters. However you’ll need to complete 3 quests daily, and then start a new day. If you’re wondering about the story, then go ahead and find it out.

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These are all the best similar games like House Party. If this list was helpful, don’t forget to check out more lists and game guides on Games Adda.