How To Watch Behind The Scenes Content For BTS Island: In the SEOM

Here's how the Bangtan Boys helped create the game.

The Army was overjoyed when BTS Island: In the SEOM was announced. BTS has a huge fan following all around the world. This A game centered around the members of Bangtan Boys was bound to draw a lot of attention. Apart from the game, a lot of fans were also excited to see the behind the scenes content for BTS Island: In the SEOM.

This is because each member of BTS was involved in the planning and creation of this mobile game. If you are also curious about what went behind the scenes during the creation of BTS Island: In the SEOM, here’s how you can get a glimpse of the process.


How To See Behind The Scenes Content For BTS Island: In the SEOM?


Fans that want to watch more of the process behind the making of the game can do so easily in a series released on their official channel. The series is called BTS Become Game Developers and it can be found on YouTube.


The series provides viewers with a front row seat as BTS decide upon various features in the game like the name of the game and the logo. The four part series tackles one major decision for each episode.

The first episode in the series sees BTS deciding on the name of the game. Meanwhile, the second episode sees the group design the logo for the game.

We get a more in-depth look into the actual creation of the game in the third episode. BTS works with game developers to create puzzles for BTS Island: In the SEOM in this episode. The game has a total of 1001 episodes for now. The fourth episode has the BTS reflecting on their experiences about creating the game.


Here is the first episode of the 4 part series.

BTS Island: In the SEOM is a story-mode and match 3 puzzle game that has been developed for Android and iOS devices. It follow the story of the BTS members as they are stranded on an island.


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