Hello Kitty Island Adventure: How To Find All The Mailbox Locations

The fast travel mailbox will help you travel to different locations instantly once you know their locations in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

The fast travel mailbox in Hello Kitty Island Adventure will help you travel to particular locations on the map quickly. The map in the game is really big and you will not require to fly or go barefoot to places all the time. There are these nodes in certain areas that you can go to that will have the mailboxes there. Initially, the game will give you a tutorial on how to use them with the help of Cinnamoroll, and then you can go to these places and unlock them for yourself.

How to Unlock All Mailbox Locations in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

all mailbox locations in hello kitty island adventure

To unlock and find the first Mailbox location in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you have to visit the Spooky Swamp and Kuromi. Check out this guide on how to Fast Travel, before we get started. Then, go to the following locations to find all the others –

  • Spooky Swamp
    • Directed by Kuromi at the beginning.
  • Seaside Resort
    • Middle of Seaside Resort.
  • Ghost Tour Ride
    • Near train tracks at Spooky Swamp.
  • Nature Preserve
    • Outside Nature Preserve.
  • Cozy Islands
    • On top of a peak at Cozy Islands.
  • Hopscotch Islands
    • On top of a peak at Hopscotch Islands.
  • Resort Gate
    • Entrance of Seaside Resort.
  • Comedy Club
    • Outside Hangyodon’s Comedy Club.
  • Kelp Maze
    • Found in the middle of Seaweeds underwater.
  • Sunken Ship
    • Found outside the Pirate Ship Location.
  • Mount Hothead
    • The next mailbox can be found at Mount Hothead when you go to meet Retsuko.
  • Caldera
    • You can also find one at Caldera that is above Mount Hothead.
  • Hot Springs
    • Hot Springs is another location at Mount Hothead, where another fast-travel mailbox is located.
  • Oasis & Icy Peak Entrance.
    • Found in the Northern part of it.

These were all the possible locations where you could find the mailboxes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out the best gift guide in the game for all our characters.