Alice Fiction Team Hunt Guide: How To Succeed

Team Hunts provide players with a chance to stack up Hunt Points for their Team.

Team Hunt is a turn-based game mode in Alice Fiction. In this mode, a team can attack and deal damage to a boss. However, each player can only deal damage to the boss when they have a chance to fight. The entire team cannot fight a boss at the same time. If players win, they are rewarded with Hunt Points.

These Hunt Points can elevate a Team’s Hunt Ranking resulting in better rewards. There are a few elements players must keep in mind to perform well in Team Hunt. Let us take a look at these points below.

How To Succeed At Team Hunt In Alice Fiction?


Team Hunt has some unique features that can throw players for a curve. With bosses that become stronger with each defeat, Team Hunt can be tough on players. However,  we have put together some tips and tricks that can help players succeed at Team Hunt in Alice Fiction.

Practice Mode

Before going headfirst into a Team Hunt, players might want to try out the Practice Mode. Here, players can fight the bosses without the fear of dragging down their team’s Hunt Ranking. It is an ideal place for a player to improve their gameplay before heading into the actual fight.

Utilize Boost Times

Players receive more Hunt Points during Boost Times. Since Boost Times can increase a Team’s overall Hunt ranking, it is important to ensure that the team is ready during this time. Boost Time can be set by the Team Leader of the Hunt.

Cheers For Rewards

Cheers can be sent to teammates when a Hunt Point is earned during a Team Hunt in Alice Fiction. Sending Cheers not only congratulates teammates, it also rewards players with Quartz. Players can send 5 cheers to 5 teammates per day during a Hunt. Moreover, the teammates will also earn Team Medals which can raise the Hunt Ranking.

These are all the best ways to succeed at Team Hunt in Alice Fiction. For more Alice Fiction guides, check out How To Get Memory Keys In Alice Fiction?