Mid Shop Free Fire (Jan 2022) – Everything About Fake Diamond Top-Up Site

Here's everything you need to know about Free Fire Diamonds Top-up site, Mid Shop.

Garena Free Fire is arguably one of the most popular mobile battle royale games across the world and it became quite famous because it keeps adding new skins, avatars, and characters to the game.

Since most of the skins and characters require players to spend in-game currency, Diamonds, millions of Free Fire players search ‘How to get Diamonds in Free Fire’ or ‘How to obtain Diamonds at the cheapest prize’ on the internet.

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To take advantage of the high search volume, some people developed numerous sites on the internet, claiming to provide Diamonds at the cheapest price. One such website is Mid Shop.

This post will break down everything about Mid Shop, including what it is, can we get a refund, Is it fake or real, and more.

What Is Mid Shop Free Fire?

Mid-Shop is a website, which claims to provide Free Fire Diamonds at the lowest price. Since it is being used by thousands of fans, we have decided to create an article, explaining everything about the site.

Mid shop Free Fire

Similar to Codashop and Segam, Mid Shop is a Free Fire Diamond top-up shop, where players can buy Diamonds but when players visit this site, they are shocked to see the price offered by the site.

Is It Real Or Fake?

The price offered by Mid Shop Free Fire is way lower than trusted Free Fire Diamond top-up sites — Codashop and Segam. According to a YouTube video uploaded by Ezoo Gaming, Mid Shop website is 100% fake.

If you are an avid FF player then you must know how much a Diamond cost in the game and the price offered by this site looks suspicious. According to this site, you will get 5600 Diamonds if you spend only Rs 350, which is impossible.

Codashop, on the other hand, provides only 310 Diamond when you make a payment of Rs 400. You can compare the price of Codashop and Midshop.

What Fans Have To Say About Mid Shop?

Apart from the YouTube video, there are hundreds of fans who reported to have not received Diamonds despite making payments on Mid-shop. You can check out the screenshots below:

Mid shop Free Fire Mid shop Free Fire Mid shop Free Fire Mid shop Free Fire Mid shop Free Fire

These are some of the screenshots of Free Fire players who used Mid Shop to buy Diamonds but they did not get the promised Diamonds despite paying the money.

If you too want to buy Diamonds in Free Fire, I highly recommend avoiding using such sites. If you are an avid Free Fire player, you must visit Games Adda from time to time because we will keep you updated with new information when they become available.