How To Hack Free Fire MAX Auto Headshot 2024

Looking for ways to easily kill your opponents and be a winner in the battle arena with Free Fire MAX auto headshot hack? Here is what you need to know about it.

Garena Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular battle royale games of today, where players fight to be the last one standing. There are no mobile gamers, who haven’t played or at least heard about the game. As it goes through the constant updates, introducing events, reworking terrains, and upgrading mechanisms, sometimes the settings you use all the time become laggy or insufficient for use.

This makes one wonder if they could simply hack auto headshot and resolve the issue at once. If you too are having these thoughts, then you have landed on the right page. Below is everything we know about it.

Disclaimer: This guide is meant for informative purposes. We do not encourage using hacks of any kind, as they can get you banned and are risky for your privacy and data security. Now that you are aware of possible threats and still willing to try them, then here is how they work.

Free Fire MAX Auto Headshot Hack for Mobile

Free Fire MAX Auto Headshot Hack for Mobile
Image Credit: Garena International I

At the time of writing, there are two ways to hack auto headshots in Free Fire MAX. The first way is to find and install the mod with the system. There are many modded versions on the internet, some even let you earn unlimited Diamonds, thus letting you get the best weapons and items. However, there are also many fake and outdated ones, so if you are going for this method, first use it on a device where you don’t have the game installed from the official source. This will let you verify the APK, without risking your game data.

Now, talking about the second method, this includes downloading and placing the aimbot and aimlock config files in your already installed FF MAX android version. You will find plenty of YouTubers claiming that the Auto Headshot file they provide will not get you banned or blacklisted.

They come in both free and paid versions. It is not rare that after some days or weeks, its abnormal activities get detected by the developers. So, like the first method, it is best to first try it on your side account.

This is all on how to hack Free Fire MAX auto headshot. As an alternative to it, you can learn about the best sensitivity settings and tweak them for ideal results.