Best Garena Free Fire Guns (2022)

Guns play an important part in Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale game that has gained steady popularity with time. Since the game’s aim is to be the last one standing in a match, guns are obviously quite important in Free Fire. Getting the best guns in the game can ensure that players are one step closer to victory. While it is a player’s skill that ensures a victory, a good weapon certainly helps matters. So, what are the best guns in Free Fire for 2022? Read below to find out.

What Are The Best Guns In Garena Free Fire?


1. MP40


It is well known among Free Fire players as the gun with the highest rate of fire in the SMG category. Players can dominate in close to mid-range shootouts owing to this gun’s 83 Rate of Fire. It is a reliable gun with a good TTK in close-range combat. The MP40 offers damage of 48 and an Accuracy of 17. Overall, this is one of the best guns to have in Free Fire if you can compensate for its damage rate. However, Free Fire players might be disappointed to learn that it is not possible to equip any attachment except a magazine with this gun.


2. AWM


AWM is a powerful sniper rifle that can take out enemies at quite a long distance with a range of 91. Furthermore, it is powerful enough to take out opponents with a single headshot. That is not all though. This gun comes with an 8x scope and has one of the highest damage rates out of all the weapons in Free Fire at 90. If this is not enough to convince players that AWM truly is one of the best Free Fire Guns, they need to take a look at its accuracy. The AWM is an absolute beast with an accuracy of 90. However, the AWM does fall behind in terms of reload time. It has a high reload time of 34. However, with so many points to vouch for it this slight drawback can be overlooked.




The GROZA is strikingly similar to an AK in stats but it comes without the heavy recoil. With a reload speed of 48 and an accuracy of 52, GROZA has a lot to offer. However, players will not be able to find this gun on the normal loot. It is a reliable Assault Rifle with a damage of 61. This gun will serve players well for long-range combat.


4. M1887


This is one of the best shotgun-type guns in Free Fire at the moment. It is great for close combat and has very high damage of 100. However, it lacks in terms of range and accuracy. Its range is 21 and it offers an accuracy of 10. On the other hand, players can count on a high reload speed of 55. While players will have trouble landing headshots with this gun, body shots also do enough damage to eliminate enemies quickly. This gun’s high damage rate can even penetrate high armor.

5. M14


This assault rifle has a damage rate of 71 with a reload speed of 41. It has an average magazine capacity of 15 but offers a great range of 76 and decent accuracy of 57. It can also do quite a lot of damage at 71. The MP14 is a great gun to have in long-range as it has an above-average range of 76. It is a gun that will benefit beginners and pros alike. The only drawback with this gun is its low magazine capacity of 15. However, for the benefits it offers, players can easily overlook this minor drawback.

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