How to make a CS2 jump throw bind

Here's the quickest and easiest way to create a CS2 jump throw bind

A jump throw help the player to throw a grenade while you are jumping, allowing the grenade to go further in the area. Jump throwing nades in Counter-Strike has always been important for best strategic lineups gameplay. CS2 is no different to make your players aware of the best smoke lineups for every map to guaranteed win. If you want to learn a perfect jump throw every single time, then follow this guide on how to make a Counter-Strike 2 jump throw bind.

How to easily jump throw in CS2?

Jump throws in CS2 are enabled by default without needing any custom binds.  To jump throw in Counter-Strike 2, simply jump, and try throwing the grenade at the apex of your jump. You will take time to get a hang of that perfect timing. You will see the range of the jump throw difference everytime to try it. In CS2 the margin for error is wide compared to CS:GO.

To execute a a perfect jump throw every single time you can create a Jump throw bind. Just follow the steps below:

How to make a CS2 jump throw bind

  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to “steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\cfg”.
  • Right-click an empty space and select “New > Text Document”.
  • Name the new text document “binds.cfg”, removing the default “.txt” at the end.
  • Click “Okay” when Windows warns you about changing filename extensions.
  • Open the new “binds.cfg” file in Notepad.
  • Paste the below text block into the file, changing [KEY] and [KEY2] to whatever keys you prefer.
  • Save and close the file, then launch Counter-Strike 2.
  • Hit (~) or (`) to open the console.
  • Type “exec binds” into the console and hit Enter.
  • Close the console and play!

Here is the text to paste into your “binds.cfg” file:

alias “+jumpaction” “+jump;”
alias “+throwaction” “-attack; -attack2”
alias “-jumpaction” “-jump”
bind [KEY] “+jumpaction;+throwaction;”

alias “+runthrow” “+forward;+jump;”
alias “-runthrow” “-jump;-forward”
bind [KEY2] “+runthrow;+throwaction”

Now that you have your keybing in place, you can easily execute the jump thow in CS2. Simply start the game and during the match equip the grenade and try the Jump throw while tapping the selected keybind.

To perform a running jump throw press the second keybind. This technique is very useful for grenade lineups on the different CS2 maps.

cs2 jump throw 2

How to bind jump throw without bind

If have been playing CS2 for a while now then you should be aware of the in-game character making a “grunt” noise. This grunt noice is your hint to throw the grenade while in air. Valve has specially added this feature to allow players to practice the jump throw without requiring a bind.

Steps to execute perfect Jump thow in CS2 without bind:

  • Select your angle where you want to thow the grenade
  • Now Jump and let go of your (Fire) button at the peak
  • You will now hear a grunt noise (this is your cue) to throw.
  • Try these steps to perfect your jump throw.

That’s all you need to know on perfecting your Grenade lineup with Junp thows in CS2. With a couple of tries you will be easily able to throw nades as far as possible. Check our more hacks and tricks on CS2 only on GamesAdda.