ENHYPEN Member’s Age, Name, Birthday Date, Position, Height & More

From age, name, position, height to birthday, here's everything you need to know about South Korean band, ENHYPEN.

Enhypen is a popular South Korean boy band formed by Belift Lab. Similar to Bangtan Boys (BTS), ENHYPEN does have seven boys with Heeseung being the oldest member to Niki being the youngest member of the band. Since the boy band has become quite popular over the last few months, a lot of fans often search for ENHYPEN members’ age, blood group, positions, birth date, height, and more.

If you too want to know everything about ENHYPEN then you are in the right place. This post will not reveal the age of ENHYPEN members but also their height, position, blood type, and more.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is ENHYPEN?

As we have already mentioned above, ENHYPEN is a South Korean boy band consisting of 7 members — Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Niki, Heeseung, Sunghoon, and Sunoo. For the uninformed, the band is a joint venture of CJ ENM and Hybe Corporation.

The name ENHYPEN was first used in the live broadcast of the final episode of I-Land. According to etymology, the meaning of ENHYPEN is Connection, Discovery, and Growth.

ENHYPEN Member’s Age & Date Of Birth

There are tons of fans across the world who want to know the age of ENHYPEN members and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

Here’s the age of every ENHYPEN member:

Heeseung October 15, 2001 20 years old
Jay April 20, 2002 19 years old
Jake November 15, 2002 18 years old
Sunghoon December 08, 2002 18 years old
Sunoo June 24, 2003 18 years old
Jungwon February 09, 2004 17 years old
Ni-ki December 09, 2005 15 years old

ENHYPEN Member’s Height

Here are the Height of every member of ENHYPEN:

Member Height
1. Heeseung 1.83 m (6’0″)
2. Ni-ki 1.83 m (6’0″)
3. Jay 1.80 m (5’11”)
4. Sunghoon 1.77 m (5’10”)
5. Jake 1.76 m (5’9″)
6. Sunoo 1.75 m (5’9″)
7. Jungwon 1.74 m (5’9″)

ENHYPEN Member’s Position

Here are the names and positions of every ENHYPEN member:

Member Position
Heeseung vocalist, dancer
Jay vocalist, rapper, dancer
Jake vocalist, rapper, dancer
Sunghoon vocalist, dancer
Sunoo vocalist, dancer
Jungwon leader, vocalist, dancer
Ni-Ki vocalist, dancer, maknae

Are There Any Foreign Members In ENHYPEN?

Yes, there are two members who were not born in Korea. The names of two foreign members present in ENHYPEN are — Jay and Ni-Ki. According to reports, Jay and Ni-Ki were born in the United States of American and Japan, respectively. The remaining five members of the band were born in South Korea.

That’s everything you need to know about ENHYPEN.