Apex Legends Mobile: How Do Pieces and Chips Work

Here is what Pieces and Chips do on Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Mobile is finally out globally and we are stoked to see what it has for us in store. Though the wait has been long, we are in for a treat. With the battle royale game being made and changed to adapt to mobile gaming. There is a lot that you can do here that you probably couldn’t do on other platforms. This means that even if you have mastered the game on your PC or console, you will be down with the noobs on mobile. Some of the new mechanics in Apex Legends Mobile include Pieces and Chips.

Here is your guide to learning more about these pieces and chips and using them to unlock additional content.

How To Use Pieces And Chips in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile: How Do Pieces and Chips Work

The way to unlock new Legends in Apex Legends Mobile is different when compared to the regular console and PC counterparts. Now, instead of collecting Legend Tokens, you will need to play the game and level up. That or spend Syndicate Gold to unlock new Legends.

What Are Pieces

In Apex Legends Mobile, you can only unlock a certain Legend by collecting a specified amount of Pieces. If you don’t know who we’re talking about, it’s the mobile-only Legend called Fade.

To unlock this awesome Legend, what you will need to do is collect 10 Fade Pieces that you can get in Apex Legend’s Prime Time battle pass. This means that you will get more pieces as you play the game. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get 10 of them.

What Are Chips

While Pieces allow you to unlock Fade, Chips on the other hand allow you to unlock his story chapters in Apex Legends Mobile. As well as buy different cosmetics for him. You can get Chips by completing the Unleash Punishment event in Apex Legends. Since this is a limited event, we recommend joining in the fun as soon as possible.

This was our article on Pieces and Chips in Apex Legends Mobile. Time to set a few hours aside and get your game running. For more Apex Legends articles, check out this one on how to unlock all Legends in Apex Legends Mobile.