Tarkov Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons In Escape From Tarkov (January 2023)

Weapons are a vital part of Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game that takes place in the Norvinsk region. It follows the struggle between two private military groups. As you might have guessed by now, weapons play a very important role in the game. A good weapon can be a little hard to settle on though as the game offers so many choices to its players. The game has over 60 firearms with more on the way. To make that task easier for you, we have put together the ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapons Tier List.

Tarkov Weapons Tier List


These are the best weapons available in Escape From Tarkov. With lethal amounts of damage and razor-sharp accuracy, these weapons are the creme-de-la-creme.


This is one of the best guns for medium-range combat in Tarkov. A fully automatic variant of the M4 carbine, it offers an 800 RPM along with a sighting range of 600. One of the defining characteristics of this weapon is that it can even get through a Class 4 Body Armour with standard ammo.

Tarkov Weapons Tier List


AS VAL is a silenced automatic rifle with an integral suppressor. It is a weapon designed for stealth and can pierce through the best Armour in the game. It does have a slightly lower sighting range than the M4A1 at 420 but it’s 900 RPM and low recoil more than make up for it. New players might find this gun slightly harder to maintain as its ammo can be quite expensive.

Asval Tarkov Best Weapons Tier List


It is a fully automatic assault rifle that has a slightly faster 850 Rate of Fire than the M4A1’s 800. In addition, it also has a greater accuracy rating. However, the M4A1 offers a better sighting range compared to the HK.

HK416 Best Weapons In Tarkov Tier List


This marksman rifle can be lethal with the right ammo. It has an RPM of 700 and a sighting range of 100. This rifle is a bit heavier than the above alternatives but it is still a weapon that can carry you a long way in the game.

Rsass Tarkov Weapons Tier List


These weapons are still capable of doing a lot of damage but they are just not in the same class as the S-Tier weapons.


AKM is an assault riflr that has an enhanced accuracy range, lower weight, and better handling. It offers a 600 RPM with a sighting range of 100.


The AK-74 Line

The AK-74 line of weapons is one of the best in Tarkov. Paired with the right ammo, this gun can be lethal from the start to the end of the game. Where it falls behind is the accuracy which is not as good as the S-Tier weapons. However, it can pierce through a Type 4 Body Armour.

AK-74 EFT Weapons


A lightweight, tactical Sniper Rifle laced with an integrated suppressor, the DVL-10 has exceptional accuracy and range. On the downside, it is extremely expensive to maintain. It offers a 30 RPM 30 with a sighting range of 100.

SVDS Sniper rifle

A semi-automatic Sniper rifle, the SVDS can pierce through any armour and is often powerful enough to kill with one shot. With an RPM of 70 and a sighting range of 600, the SVDS deserves a spot in the A-Tier of the Tarkov Weapons Tier List. However, it has a small magazine capacity and the recoil is heavy enough to knock it off the S-Tier.

SVD-S Weapons Tier List Tarkov


These weapons are good enough to survive in the game. Advanced players would want to trade up from these but they work well enough for starting levels.


A Russian sniper rifle with slightly less powerful rounds than the DVL-10. It is a magazine-fed bolt-action rifle that is effective for up to 1000 m. It can get through armour with the right ammunition. The SV-98 offers an RPM of 30 and a sighting range of 500.

Sv98 Best Weapons Tarkov


An assault carbine with 40 RPM and a sighting range of 500. It is stuck in the b-Tier cause it is extremely difficult to modify. This is a budget gun and meant to be modified later in the game. Players can build it up as they survive raids and get ahead in the game.

SKS Weapons Escape From Tarkov

Vepr KM/VPO-136

A no-frills semi-automatic hunting carbine of 7.62×39 mm caliber. It lacks a punch where firepower is concerned but will still fare well in mid to long range combat. It has an RPM of 600 with a sighting range of 500.

Best Guns In EFT VPO136


Nearing the bottom of the barrel, these weapons should only be used as a last resort.


A submachine gun that was developed as a variant of PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN, the Saiga-9 lacks the automatic fire mode. Moreover, it lacks power and would not hold up well against top armours in the game. It is also quite an expensive weapon that doesn’t justify its price. It’s just not a great weapon and so has landed in the C-Tier of this Tarkov Weapons Tier List. It offers a rate of fire of 650 with a sighting range of 200.

Saiga9 Best Guns EFT

SR1MP Gyurza

This pistol does not stand much of a chance against top tier body armour and is only effective for up to 50 m. If players have to choose from the pistols available in the game, it is a decent one. However, it really would not be effective after the initial levels of the game. It offers a 30 RPM and a sighting range of 100.

Sr1mp Tarkov Weapons Tier List


This full-sized, service-type pistol is a step behind the SR1MP Gyurza. It is an expensive weapon and does not warrant the asking price. It is effective up to 50 m with a 30 Rate of fire. P226R offers a sighting range of 200.

P226 Pistol EFT


This semi-automatic gun is only effective in a close range of up to 70 m. It is essentially redundant against armoured targets. MP-153 has an RPM of 40 with a sighting range of 100.

Mp153 Weapons Tier List

This is our Tarkov Weapons Tier List that will help you choose the best weapon for your gameplay. Please note that this Tier List does not contain every weapon in Escape From Tarkov. This is the list of the best weapons currently available in the game. We hope that this Tier List helps you select the best weapon.

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