Random Dice Tier List (January 2023) – All Dice Ranked

Find all the dice in Random Dice ranked from best to worst!

If you like playing deck building or tower defense type of games then you must try playing Random Dice. Random Dice is a free-to-play game available for both Android and Apple phones for free. There are many dice in the game that might leave you in confusion. Therefore to clear all your doubts we have created a Random Dice tier list ranking all dice available in the game.

Check out this Random Dice tier list to know the best and worst dice in the game. Go through the list and pick the best one!

Random Dice Tier List – 2023

S Tier In Random Dice

S tier has all the best sets of dice that will help you destroy all your enemies. So if you come across any one of the dice mentioned in the list below then collect the full deck of the same and win maximum matches.

  • Blizzard Dice
  • Growth Dice
  • Joker Dice
  • Mighty Wind Dice
  • Summoner Dice
  • Typhoon Dice

A Tier In Random Dice

All the A-tier dice are equivalent to that of the S-tier dice except few qualities here and there. You can still go on collecting these dice and completing your deck to improve your gameplay in Random Dice.

  • Assassin Dice
  • Combo Dice
  • Flow Dice
  • Infect Dice
  • Mimic Dice
  • Moon Dice
  • Sacrifice Dice
  • Shield Dice
  • Solar Dice

B Tier In Random Dice

B-tier dice in the Random Dice tier list have dice that do not deal that much damage to the enemy. Therefore you can call them average dice in the game.

  • Arrow Dice
  • Atomic Dice
  • Broken
  • Critical Dice
  • Electric dice
  • Fire Dice
  • Gamble Dice
  • Hell Dice
  • Iron Dice
  • Metastasis Dice
  • Modified Electric Dice
  • Nuclear Dice
  • Poison Dice
  • Supplement Dice
  • Thorn Dice

C Tier In Random Dice

The C tier has all the weak dice that are not that useful in the game. Hence we suggest you to to avoid these dice.

  • Absorb Dice
  • Crack Dice
  • Gear Dice
  • Gun Dice
  • Light Dice
  • Mine Dice
  • Wind Dice

D Tier In Random Dice

The D tier in the Random Dice tier list has all the worst dice of all time in the game.

  • Death Dice
  • Holy Sword DIce
  • Landmine Dice
  • Lock Dice
  • Star Dice
  • Teleport Dice
  • Wave Dice

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