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Master Duel Deck Tier List: Best Decks Ranked (November 2022)

Today, we will discuss the best decks in this Master Duel Deck Tier List.

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel has gained steady popularity since its release for PC, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series, Android, and iOS. The digital card game allows players to battle their card decks against each other and test out their skills. However, there are too many card decks to choose from in the game. While the best decks are specified by a players game style, there are certain decks that can give players a slight advantage in the game. Today, we will discuss the best decks in this Master Duel Deck Tier List.

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Tier List (2022)

S Tier

These are some of the best decks available in the game and will give players a definite edge over their competition.


DDD Tier List Master Duel

The D/D/D deck is powerful as well as malleable. Players that understand how special summoning and chain effects work will have a great time beating down the competition with this deck. However, this deck is not for beginners. It requires a little experience with the Master Duel mechanics before it can work in a player’s favour.

Six Samurai Deck

Six Samurai Deck Master Duel Tier List

It is a beginner-friendly deck that is quite simple to use. The Six Samurai Deck allows players to wet their feet in the complex mechanism of Master Duel without being overwhelmed. Players can learn more about summoning as they flood the board with monsters with the help of this deck. However, players will have to get the Great Shogun’s Rule secret packs to stand the best chance at getting this deck of cards. It is also possible to craft these cards. Learn how to do that with Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel: How To Craft?

A Tier

Still a great deck of cards that can guarantee a win for the players most of the time.

The Synchro of Unity

Synchro Of Unity Master Duel

This starter pack does not need any customization to be great. It is one of the best card decks players can pick in the game. However, it can get quite complicated for beginners to understand. This is why players often hesitate to pick this card at the beginning. It uses Synchro Summoning which allows players to flood the board with low-level monsters and acquire the win with the extra deck. This deck has a lot of good offence cards.

The Drytron deck

Dryton Deck Master Duel

This card deck is popular due to its ability to summon the Herald of Ultimateness. This is especially useful if the player wielding this deck gets the first turn. It is a great counter deck to decks that are focused on special summoning. In addition, it has a powerful extra deck that allows players to finish with a flourish.

B Tier

These are slightly more average decks of cards in the game that require effort to be effective.


Toon MasterDuel

This deck could absolutely work wonders for an experienced player. In the hands of an average player though, it just fizzles out. It is very easy to counter and opponents only need to play the destruction of the Toon World card to demolish this deck. Nonetheless, it can be a good deck of cards against inexperienced players.

This is the Master Duel Deck Tier List for Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel. We hope that it was helpful to you and makes your gaming experience better. For more Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, check out Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Best Starter Deck In 2022