Evertale Tier List (January 2023)

Here is the revised and highly reliable Evertale tier list that you can refer to rapidly level up in the game.

Are you a player who enjoys role-playing games? Then you’ll have a blast capturing and training monsters to battle in Evertale. Evertale features a beautiful magical environment with huge landscapes, vibrant towns, and classic dungeons.

Moreover, the game’s appeal lies in the huge number of monsters and heroes it offers to play with. As a result, putting together a team becomes gets confusing and you end up getting frustrated. Luckily, You can keep the irritation at bay by using the Evertale tier list which has been crafted carefully.

Evertale Tier List – 2023

Let’s not jump to the list first and go over the basics of the game if you’re fresh to it. The rest of you who are looking to revamp an existing unit can skip this and proceed with the list.

When you first start, you are dropped into a strange universe and forced to defeat monster armies. You can, however, grab some of the monsters and add them to your team. You have the option of adding up to 8 monsters. This way you won’t have to fight alone, but rather have a group of killer creatures on your side.

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However, simply adding them to the game does not help, you must also train them and make them strong enough to smash waves of enemy monsters. As a result, it’s important to choose only those that are worth your time and effort. This is where our Evertale steps in to guide you to make the right call. Furthermore, the fact that the game’s multiplayer mode allows you to compete with friends and other players all over the world adds to the weight of your choice.

So, how does this tier list will help you win battles, claim solid gears, and progress to the next level? While it’s simple, just refer to the top-tiers below and see which monster you get lucky with to assemble a team. You will come across six tiers each with some explanation. Monsters are ranked from mightiest and effective (S) to weakest and poor (F).  Finally, here’s the Evertale tier list.

Tier S

Tier S monsters are deadly enough to knock out the enemies themselves. These are the powerful and top-tier monsters. Make them your top priority if you wish to advance quickly in the game.

  • Jeanne d’Arc – Light
  • Rolotia – Storm
  • Ludmilla – Light
  • Endless Rizette – Dark
  • Fornaxos – Fire
  • Endless Ludmilla – Fire

Tier A

Tier A monsters aren’t as competitive as tier S heroes. However, still, they are the mightiest and offer excellent strength and utility.

  • Kisara – Fire
  • Alira – Water
  • Bahamut – Earth
  • Shiori – Storm
  • Cyrus – Dark
  • Rizette – Light
  • Altaireon – Storm
  • Maxima – Fire
  • Norza – Storm
  • Astrid – Water

Tier B

The monsters in the Evertale tier B list are decent and must be added when encountered. They don’t really disappoint when paired with either tier S and tier A creatures.

  • Rei – Water
  • Artimeria – Light
  • Yuki – Water
  • Elmina – Dark
  • Druke – Fire
  • Finn – Storm
  • Voraxion – Earth
  • Merdain – Dark
  • Diabolos – Dark
  • Alice – Light
  • Shirra – Earth
  • Kaidaros – Water

Tier C

Tier C creatures are not suggested for newcomers.  To push themselves up and achieve the best outcomes, they demand proper strategy, expertise, and investments.

  • Lucius – Light
  • Kirin – Light
  • Le Fay – Dark
  • Vesh – Earth
  • Rashanar – Fire
  • Vonn – Dark
  • Orzachron – Storm
  • Akatsuki – Fire

Tier D

Weak monsters in the game are included in tier D. Not at all recommended unless you have no other option but to pick them and round up your unit.

  • Imran – Storm
  • Grenzor – Water
  • Oumei – Earth
  • Nagi – Water

Tier F

Well, all the SSR monsters are assigned tier F. They are not at all helpful in PvP matches.

This brings us to the end of our topic. This Evertale tier list seems to be just what you were looking for. Good luck with beating the deadly beasts in the game!!