Install CWCheat Through Adrenaline – A Complete Guide

Keep scrolling to download and setup CWCheats in Adrenaline.

So, you’re looking for the right way to activate several cheats in your game, right? Then you’ve come to the right place, whether you’re looking for PSP or PSX because this CWCheat in ePSP using Adrenaline guide is your ultimate way. Without wasting any more time let’s start the process, shall we?


For starters, you’ve three ways to get cheats.

  1. Look out for the numeric figures in memory and make your own.
  2. Choose the Action Replay cheat codes obtained from a huge database.
  3. Choose the Codebreaker cheat codes obtained from a huge database.

Further, you need to download CWCheat. Next, take a note of the following things.

  • Adrenaline is an ePSP plugin that only works with a PS Vita operating CFW like HENkaku or h-encore.
  • An original Sony memory card is necessary. Only then you would get homebrew internet and USB connectivity, as this is demanded by the PS Vita 1000.
  • Obviously, Wi-Fi is needed to transfer files through FTB.
  • If you choose to transfer files with VitaShell then USB is required.
  • In order for CWCheat to function on PSP & PSX, you need an Adrenaline PSP emulator.
  • 128 GB and more storage space needed.

CWCheats Installation

Kindly follow through with the below steps to start the installation.

  • Step 1: Launch VitsShell on your PS Vita.
  • Step 2: Press Select to start FTP/USB mode.
  • Step 3: Press start and hold the Select key to switch between FTP & USB in VitaShell.
  • Step 4: Address/file path i.e. shown in PC file browser’s PS Vita to be entered while using FTP.CWCheat.jpg


  • Step 4: Insert USB into your PC.


  • Step 4: For SD2Vita, insert MicroSD into your PC. Now transfer the file without the need for VitaShell.
  • Step 5: Locate ux0 > /pspemu/ > /seplugins/.CWCheat.jpg
  • Step 6: Extract into the /seplugins/.
  • Step 7: Close FTP/USB mode and exit VitaShell. (To close press the circle key on PS Vita).
  • Step 8: Launch Adrenaline.
  • Step 9: Load PSP XMB.
  • Step 10: Press the Select button & open VSH Menu.
  • Step 11: Choose the Recovery Menu option.CWCheat
  • Step 12: Now choose the Plugins option. CWCheat.jpg
  • Step 13: Select cwcheat.prx and press the Cross key to allow the plugin.
  • Step 14: Select cwcheatpops.prx and again press the Cross key to allow the plugin.
  • Step 15: Select back, exit, and finally stay on the PSP XMB.
  • Step 16: Start the PSP game.
  • Step 17: Press the Select button and hold it for 5 sec.
  • Step 18: A cheat menu will appear on the screen. CWCheat.jpgImage Source: CFWaifu

Well, that’s pretty much to our CWCheat guide and I hope it comes in handy to you. Since you are here also check EdiZon Switch Cheat.