Best Website & App To Translate English To Hindi

These are some tools that will help you translate English to Hindi and vice versa.

If you’re looking for some reliable and good websites/apps to translate text from English to Hindi language (or vice versa) online or offline, we’ve got you covered. Here are the translator apps that you need to check out and pick your favorite tool for your translation needs. You can access these websites from your PC, Android phone or iPhone or if you use them frequently, download their apps as well.

Best Free Apps & Websites to Translate English to Hindi or Vice Versa

Here’s every top site and Android/iPhone app that you can use for good and accurate English to Hindi translation of sentences.

Google Translate

google translate

Although there is a chance of some error, Google is constantly working towards providing a greatly accurate translation using AI and machine learning. All you have to do is visit or download Google Translate on the Play Store or App Store.

easy hindi typing website

Easy Hindi Typing  is a website that gives you an accurate translation from English to Hindi, even for slightly complex sentences. This tool is powered by Google Translation API.

Once you land on the site, type your English sentences on the left side, and click on the green Translate button. You should then be able to see the translated Hindi text on the right.

Users can click on the buttons provided at the bottom right of the translation window to copy the text, download text to file and more. At a time, you can translate up to 500 characters from English to Hindi as well as Hindi to English for free.

online english to hindi converter tool

This online converter of text can come in handy for English to Hindi translation and it gives you 2000 characters for free. Type your text into the text field given above and click on Translate to get your Hindi translation right away. Again, some words might not be accurate, but if you wish to use it for simple sentences, this website is worth a try.

translate language online offline tools has English to Hindi as well as Hindi to English translation. Users get thousands of letters to translate for free daily and the result is quite accurate. If you prefer to get professional translation, this site provides it at a cost.

Microsoft Translator

microsoft translator hindi

Microsoft Translator is a great app for the English to Hindi translation needs of Android and iOS users. It has the option to use offline translation. Plus, it also offers camera translation to translate text within photos and screenshots which will help new learners of the language or travelers as well. It’s from Microsoft Corp and it works very well, so we highly recommend this one.

Hi Translate

hi translate app

Hi Translate is a chat translator which supports English to Hindi translation of sentences. It also has the option of voice and AI camera translation. You can download languages to translate without internet. The best thing is that you can translate the text in any app with the help of the floating ball feature. With real time text translation, learning the language or communicating with someone in Hindi can become a breeze.

These were some of our recommendations of the best apps and websites to translate languages. Go through the descriptions on these pages and test out the translations to pick your best choice. If you also want to know which are the best random password generators, read our article to find out.