Wacky Wizards Free And Premium Potions & Ingredients (November 2021)

Here are all free and premium potions, recipes, and ingredients available in Wacky Wizards.

Wacky Wizards is one of the most popular games in the Roblox store right now. Players have been hooked on due to the crafting mechanism available in the game. This crafting mechanism allows players to cook a huge array of magical potions according to their choice.

New players often find themselves in a confusing spot figuring out which ingredients go into the pot while making a particular potion in Wacky Wizards. If you are one of those confused players don’t worry we have you covered with our list of all the ingredients that go in free and premium potions of the game.

Free Wacky Wizards  Potions List

Potions Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
Speedy Potion Giraffe Hoof
Squirting Potion Reusable sandwich
Noodle Potion Pool Noodle
Tiny Potion Fairy
Flounder Potion Fish
Floating Potion Bird
Explosive Potion Dynamite
Zombie Potion Brain
Warty Potion Spider
Camouflage Potion Chameleon
Giant Potion Giant’s Ear
Hot Potion Chili Pepper
Beany Potion Beans
Identity Theft Potion You
Cleetus Potion Cleetus Hat
Foryxe Potion Foryxe’s Head
Jandel Potion Jandel’s Head
Unresolved size Potion Fairy Giant’s Ear
Enlarged Head Potion Brain Giant’s Ear
Tall Potion Giraffe Hoof Giant’s Ear
Tiny head Potion Brain  Fairy
Fire Walking Potion Fairy Bird
Bald Potion Fairy Brain
Rocket Potion Dynamite Bird
Digging Potion Pool Noodle Beans
Punchy Potion Boxing Gloves
Hot Punch Potion Boxing Gloves Chili Pepper
KnockPunch Potion Boxing Gloves Giant’s Ear
Beanock Potion Boxing Gloves Beans
Glinda Potion Witches Brew You
Smelling Potion Pool Noodle Witches Brew
High-heel potion Giraffe Hoof Giant’s Ear Giraffe Hoof
Banana Bean Giant’s Ear Giraffe Hoof Fairy


Buxly Potion Robux Chameleon
High Potion Robux Giant’s Ear
Levitate Potion Bird Fairy
Nuclear Potion Dynamite Giant’s Ear
Doppelgänger Potion You Chameleon
Headwrds  Potion You Brain
Kaboom Potion Boxing Gloves Dynamite
Wide Load Potion Beans Giant’s Ear
Limp Potion Pool Noodle Rotten Sandwich
Minions Potion Fairy Spider
Heatseeking Potion Dynamite Bird
Golden Potion Robux Fairy
Truck Potion Witches Brew Giant’s Ear
Flybux Potion Robux Bird
Buxly Potion Robux Chameleon

Wacky Wizards Premium Potions

Potions Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
Bux-Walk Potion Robux Frozen Egg
Size Controller Potion Fairy Giant’s Ear Zeus’s Beard
Caveman Potion You Frozen Egg
Clone Army Potion You Magic Seed
Meteorite Potion Zeus’s Beard Beans
Teleportation Potion Zeus’s Beard  Fairy
Unlucky Potion Zeus’s Beard Dynamite
Slip Potion Giraffe Hoof Frozen Egg
Ice Potion Chameleon Frozen Egg
Dizzy Potion Hat of Gears Brain
60’s Potion Magic Seed Fairy
God Potion Zeus’s Beard
Boombox Potion Hat of Gears Zeus’s Beard
AirWalk Potion Frozen Egg Bird
BushyPotion Magic Seed Chameleon
Stumped Potion Magic Seed Giraffe Hoof
Sus Potion Hat of Gears Beans
Teeny Wheely Potion Wheel Fairy
Explode Spell Potion Witches Brew Beard

That’s all you need to know about the complete list of commonly used free and premium potions and ingredients available in Wacky Wizards.