How To Make Excellent Throws In Pokemon GO

Learn how you can make Excellent throws in Pokemon GO.

Catching Pokemon is not as easy as it seems. Basic Curveball throws give you XP and are sufficient for capturing basic Pokemons. But they are not very useful in the case of Legendary Pokemons. You need to master Nice, Great and Excellent throws to get more bonuses and increase the chance of catching a rare Pokemon. So here we will explain how you can make Excellent throws in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: How to Make Excellent Throws

Make Excellent Throws In Pokemon GO

In Excellent throws, the circle around the Pokemon is the smallest. It depends on the Pokemon’s size too. Due to this, it is better to start your Excellent throw practice on the bigger Pokemons. And once you master that throw, you can decrease the size of your target. Let us now learn the steps.

  •  Open your Pokemon GO app and go to the Map view.
  • Now, search for the biggest Pokemon you can find in your vicinity.
  • Tap on the Pokemon to open the catch window.
  • Now choose your PokeBall from the bottom right Pokemon icon.
  • Feed it berry from the bottom left berry icon.
  • Now hold the Pokeball and wait for the circle to get small. As soon as the size becomes the smallest, release the hold. The target will get set.
  • Finally, wait for the attack animation to start. Spin your PokeBall while the animation is happening. And throw the ball when it is about to end. Timing is important, but with some practice, nothing is hard to master.
  • Once you master this throw with this trick, try to use an Excellent throw without waiting. And you can combine it with a fast catch or quick catch trick to catch every Pokemon you encounter.

What to Remember

When throwing a ball, pay attention to your strength and angle. Since everyone has their style, modifying throws based on these aspects makes a huge difference. Such as, you might be throwing clockwise with your left hand or anticlockwise with your right hand. So, choose the style you are comfortable with.

This is all you need to know on how to make Excellent throws in Pokemon GO. Looking for more gaming guides, check out how to fast catch and how to make Pokemon stronger.