Best Auto Catcher For Pokemon GO

Find out the Auto Catchers for Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game where players get to catch their Pokemon within their surroundings. While it is fun to play the game, it is not possible for players to be glued to their phones 24×7. This is where Pokemon GO Auto Catcher makes life easier for players.

Players can use an Auto Catcher to catch Pokemon and collect items automatically in Pokemon Go. Currently, there are a lot of options when players go looking for an Auto Catcher. Let us take a look at the best Auto Catchers they can buy.


Which Is The Best Pokemon GO Auto Catcher?


Before we move further, we would like to emphasize that technically such devices are considered cheats in the game.


That being said, there is no scarcity of choice when it comes to Auto Catchers in the market. Players can choose from a variety of Auto Catchers with each offering different features and utilities. In addition, Pokemon GO Auto Catchers also come in varied designs like disks, wristbands, and egg chambers.

Players can pair these devices with their Pokemon GO app to automate the process of catching Pokemon. Let us take a look at the best Pokemon GO Auto Catcher below.



Price: $29.99

This is a wristband Auto Catcher that can be connected directly to the Pokemon GO account. If players would like an interactive experience, they can choose the manual option for PokeStops and Pokemon capture. However, if players would rather let the device do the work, they can also opt for automatic mode. This is a convenient and handy option if players are looking for a wristband-type Auto Catcher.

Egg Catchmon GO


Price: $74.90

A lot costlier than the Go-Tcha, the Egg Catchmon Go has a unique feature that is not available in any other Auto Catcher. If the device gets disconnected, this Auto Catcher will vibrate and alert the players that the game connection is lost. This is useful if players are out for a long time and do not want to stop catching Pokemon in their off-time. However, the steep price tag can be a deterrent to a lot of players.

Dual Catchmon GO

Price: $79.90

The costliest Pokemon GO Auto Catcher in this list, this device is for the truly dedicated Pokemon players. It can connect with two devices at once and two accounts can reap the benefits of this Auto Catcher at the same time. Players will be able reconnect with a button press in case they get disconnected from the game.

These are the best Pokemon GO Auto Catcher that players can use in the game. For more Pokemon GO, check out Pokemon Go: How To Get Best Buddy?


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