Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign – How To Unlock, Rewards, And More

Not sure what changes Heroic Campaigns bring in Warcraft Rumble and haven't unlocked it yet? Here is all you need to know.

If you were thinking that collecting EXP from the PvP and quest would help you level up your Minis and clear the PvE matches faster, then you weren’t wrong. However, that is only until you unlock Heroic Campaigns in Warcraft Rumble. It will drastically change the missions, but rewards will also be fruitful.

Unlike before, you cannot limit the progress to certain types and families of heroes, as these come with some conditions. Curious to know about all the changes this makes to your missions? Follow along as we have covered all you were looking for.

How to Unlock and Complete Heroic Campaigns in Warcraft Rumble

Complete Heroic Campaigns in Warcraft Rumble

Like most mechanisms and features, this is unlocked through Sigils. You collect 50 Sigils to unlock the Heroic Campaigns in the game. Once applied, this will change the overall difficulty of all your previous campaigns. Not only that, it will also add conditions that weren’t there when you cleared those maps in the past.

Permanent Change

Once your old missions have turned into Heroic, there is no way to reverse them. Unless you abandon your progress and create a new account. However, you can still take part and clear the PvP and quests like before.

Difficulty Level

All past campaign enemies you face now have an additional 10 levels. Such as the Volchan of the Blackrock Mountain will become level 25, and so will Omnotron, Rend Blackhand, and Emperor Thaurissan. Even their attacks will be slightly different, or to be precise, upgraded.

Need to Use Five Families to Complete

Now all the missions have to be completed five times using five families. You will see shields on all the campaigns, each one will be filled by clearing it with the specific family. Once you have completed all, you will receive the rewards.

Rewards of Heroic Campaign

Gold, Tomes, Sigils, and Upgrade Cores are the rewards of the campaign. Gold is given once you have cleared the map using all families. It is possible to obtain five Tomes for every leader you used during the map. You will get Sigils every time you finish the map. Lastly, Upgrade Cores are unlocked by clearing all Heroic maps of any area.

That’s all on how to unlock Heroic Campaigns in Warcraft Rumble and the changes it offers. For more interesting and useful guides from the game, check out our dedicated section. While you are here, do read about the best Leaders and their deck recommendations.