Best Stellaris Origin Tier List (November 2022)

The Stellaris tier list recommends the best Origin in the game for your empire.

Don’t you think Stellaris makes exploring the fascinating world of space more exciting and enjoyable? How about making it more interesting & interactive with the help of the Stellaris Origin tier list. Whether you’re a newbie or just tired of the same old origin, this tier list is for all.

Stellaris Origin Tier List – November 2022

Exposing what the game has in store for you, gaining dominance, ruling your kingdom, and waging war against other interstellar communities in this epic 4X real-time strategy game can be overwhelming, but also fulfilling in the end.

To add some spark into the game you literally have the option to enhance your kingdom. Don’t hesitate to take your kingdom to the next level with this Stellaris Origin tier list. The only requirement is your species should fit well & DLC should be installed. Once you make this sure you can pick & origin from below.

Mechanist – Requires Utopic DLC

Would you like to make robots work for you? How about an army full of robots always on their toes to serve you? If this idea entertained you then Merchanist from the Stellaris Origin tier list is your best fit. This origin offers Robot assembly plants establishments & 8 different robots. This is the best beginning you can ask for & also saves you tons of resources.

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Do you know what is the best part? Ability fills in as many roles as possible & expanding your kingdom all over the space. Fascinating, right? One more important thing to note, when you start this game you also directly begin with Powered Exoskeletons and Robotic Workers technology.

Common Ground – Requires Federations DLC

The next in the Stellaris Origin tier list is Common Ground. In case you wish to understand negotiations then Common Ground it is. In this origin, you will be the President of a Galactic Union Federation and will be constantly in contact with the other two empires. When you further advance in the game things take a drastic turn and you won’t have any option but to disconnect with those two empires.

Shattered Ring – Requires Federations DLC

This origin is for those who want to play with multiple empires since it gives you a beginners planet. Your homeworld will be surrounded by a huge ring and thereby offers you a Ring World Segment. These segments differ as per your empire and some of its aspects are not available to repair. In such cases, you might strip mine for early resources and this will do the trick.

Prosperous Unification – Base Stellaris Game

If you believe in harmony then Prosperous Unification is to serve you the same. The entire population under your empire unites together & functions to achieve the same goal. This origin offers 4 additional populations & 2 additional districts with the Prosperous Unification modifier.

Void Dwellersn – Required Federations DLC

This is the incredible origin that allows your community to thrive in artificial spaces. It’s all about ditching the plan of taking over other interstellar worlds & creating your habitat & bring your species an artificial life. Instead of searching for the perfect world depending on your habitat taste, you will come up with a new one specially designed for them. Amazing right?

Sion – Requires Federations DLC

This origin in our Stellaris tier list can prove to be good for your empire since it will have a spiritualist start. The working of this origin is something like this:

  • You & the fallen empire give 100 positive feedbacks to each other.
  • Fallen empire gifts you something powerful every few decades.
  • Your fallen empire friend offers a temporary fleet to fight back in case you are losing a war ongoing for 20 years.

The perks & advantages of this origin depend on how well you use the gift from the fallen empire.

Remnants – Requires Ancient Relics DLC

Do you enjoy research? Love the idea of discovering the empire’s ancestors? If so then Remnants is what you would love. It offers you size 22 Relic World featuring 5 Ruined Arcology blockers. These blockers launch random technology the minute you clear them. These technologies are known to offer your indirect benefits in the years to come & acts as an amazing boost to your research project.

That’s the ultimate Stellaris Origin tier list. I hope you find it helpful, for a more tier list visit here.