How To Get First Touch In Rocket League (RL) Quickly (2022)

Here's a quick breakdown for you, from which you can quickly get the First Touch in Rocket League (RL).

Rocket League is all about your virtual flexibility and acrobatic skills. If you’re a newbie and don’t know much about the game, then here’s a quick summary for you. Rocket League is similar to soccer, where the player has to goal the ball on the opponent’s side to win the match. As a bonus, if your team touches the ball first, then a First Touch achievement can be unlocked. The first car to touch the ball receives extra points in the game. However, if you’re struggling with getting it in the game, then we’re here to help. Here’s how you can easily get the First Touch in Rocket League (RL), go ahead and check it out.

How Can I Get First Touch in Rocket League (RL)?


first touch rocket league RL

Getting the First Touch in Rocket League is pretty easy. After the 3 seconds countdown, you just have to rush for the ball and follow the steps given below.

Strategic Placement


The first thing you need to do is strategize your placements as soon as you spawn in the game. You have to do that instantly within 3 seconds. However, you can obtain this judgment by practicing and playing the game more often.


Strategizing the placements and judgments can take some time to learn; in the meanwhile, you can try this trick to get the First Touch in RL. Using the Boost at the right time can help you boost your way to victory. After the countdown, in order to get the first touch, you simply have to rush towards the ball and speed boost your way to it. You can obtain/pick up these boosts after spawning in the game along your route.



As mentioned earlier, the ultimate key to getting the First Touch in Rocket League is to rush with the help of the boosts. Players can also try to flip the car in order to create a faster momentum to reach the ball.

These breakdown points are the only way from which you can get the First Touch in Rocket League (RL) quickly. If you want more tips on RL, then we’ve got you covered. Here are all the Rocket League guides for you, go ahead and check them out.



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