How To Fix HuniePop 2 Not Responding Issue – Complete Guide

This guide is to help you address the multiple issues occurring while starting, launching, loading, and playing the HuniePop 2: Double Date game.

HuniePop 2: Double Date seems to be the town’s latest talk with its launch on 8 February 2021. This adult theme video game is a sequel to the original HuniePop that proposed a dating sim or a puzzle game hybrid system that has been an instant hit since its debut and is today’s most successful video game format.

HuniePop 2 has so far collected terrific positive feedback and successfully exceeded the expectations of the users. However, several players were unlucky to enjoy the fluid HuniePop 2 experience and reported several problems. Although, system requirement of the game should not cause any trouble many players are confronted with issues such as game crashing on startup, game not launching, black/white screen, and other loading issues, and others affecting a big chunk of HuniePop 2 admirers.

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If you are facing similar issues then hand with us throughout the post as further in the article we will show you how to tackle them and fix other issues as well.

HuniePop 2 Not Responding Error – How To Fix It

It’s reasonable to think that when the game crashes and poses other bugs, it’s up to the developers to deal with them. Hence, we wait for the developers to resolve them. But sometimes the issue isn’t with the game, but with your system, and you have no clue how to deal.

Don’t bother, we’re here to help you out. Let’s drill down to a detailed guide on how to overcome HuniePop 2 not responding issue and other game challenges.

Please Note: There may one or many reasons for the game to not respond.

1. Corrupt Save Files

The plausible reason for the game crashing at the start or not launching may be due to the corrupt save game. You can fix it simply by deleting the corrupt save file and start refresh.

Steps to delete the corrupt save game are:

Step 1: Go to, C:/Users/*username*/AppData/LocalLow/HuniePot/HuniePop 2 – Double Date.

Step 2: Navigate to HP2SaveData1.dat.

Step 3: Finally, restart the game.

If this is the reason the game has to start normally.

2. Game Resolution

It is essential for your screens supported resolution to match with the game’s resolution otherwise you must play the game in the windowed mode. You can adjust the game’s resolution from the game’s configuration file which will be saved in the steam folder inside the C drive. To play the game in windowed mode is via the command line on steam.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Steam client.

Step 2: Find HuniePop 2 in the Library.

Step 3: Right Click on the game and choose Properties.

Step 4: Click on the General tab.

Step 5: Click on Set Launch Options.

Step 6: In the empty region, copy-paste –windowed –noborder.

Step 7: Hit OK and Exit.

This should resolve the launching issue otherwise try the next solutions.

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3. Modify GPU Settings

Tweak the GPU settings to prevent HuniePop 2 from crashing.

Follow these quick steps: 

Step 1: Go to NVIDIA Control Panel>Manage 3D settings>Program settings.

Step 2: Choose Game under 1>Choose preferred GPU to NVIDIA under 2>

Step 3: Lastly, Set Antialiasing – Mode to Application-controlled and Disable/Off the Shadar cache.

4. Play HuniePop 2 On Default Settings

If the game started loading and you faced issues later then altering your game’s settings must be the main reason here. We suggest you play the game without tweaking all the settings at once.

Instead, mess with only one setting at a time so you can easily figure out what went wrong. It is recommended to enjoy the game at lower or medium settings only.

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5. Upgrade Graphic Card/ Sound Driver

Outdated or corrupt GPU drivers often create such gaming problems. While upgrading them we often neglect to upgrade the sound drivers that are additional internal or external sound cards besides the ones installed with windows update.

Browse the NVIDIA or AMD GPU manufacturer’s website for a recent driver update. If you are an NVIDIA user and your game crashes on Game ready drivers they try out Studio drivers.

6. Run HuniePop 2 IN Clean Boot Environment

At times, third party software interferes with the game processor consumes too many resources on your system. Therefore, it is highly recommended to run the game in a clean boot environment with the only essential component that will be required by the OS to function.

Steps for this are as follows:

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R.

Step 2: Type msconfig and hit enter.

Step 3: Move to the Service tab.

Step 4: Check Hide all Microsoft services.

Step 5: Click Disable all.

Step 6: Move ahead to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.

Step 7: Finally, when PC boots once again, launch the game.

Check if the problem is resolved otherwise try the next solution.

7. Update/Reinstall DirectX File

Corrupted DirectX files don’t allow the game to launch. Ensure it is always updated to the latest version.

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8. Disable Overlocking/Turbo Boosting

The third-party software that you use to overlock CPU or GPU gets disabled itself once the game launches after a clean boot however several Overlocking and Turbo Boosting features are required to be turned off.

For this, just go to BIOS settings and disable “Intel Turbo Booster” and also reset the CPU and GPU to chipset manufacturer specification.

9. Fix Corrupted Game Files

Corrupted game files cause the game to crash either at the beginning or midway.

Better fix it by following the below steps:

Step 1: Launch Steam Client.

Step 2: Go to Library and right-click on HuniePop 2.

Step 3: Move to Properties and under it Local Files.

Step 4: Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Once the process is completed, start the game and check if the problem still occurs.

10. Disable Steam Overlay

Steam Overlay may be the reason if the game crashes just after the intro video. Resolve the error by disabling the Steam Overlay.

Steps for the same are as follows:

Step 1: Launch Steam Client.

Step 2: Go to Library and right-click on HuniePop 2.

Step 3: Choose Properties.

Step 4: Finally, uncheck Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.

Reboot Steam and see if the issue still arises. If yes then also disable the GeForce Experience and Discord Overlay.

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That’s all the possible reasons and solutions concerning HuniePop 2 not responding and other troubles. Resolve and get lost into the HuniePop 2 adventures.