Ready Or Not Canceled: Everything You Need To Know

Ready Or Not puts gamers in the shoes of SWAT police units

VOID Interactive’s Ready Or Not has been in the news lately and not for good reasons. Ready Or Not puts gamers in the shoes of SWAT police units “called to defuse hostile and confronting situation”.  However, the game has found itself mired in controversy since some controversial comments from a developer came to light. The gaming community all but canceled Ready or Not when a post in Reddit asking “Should Ready or Not have a school shooting mission?” got a reply from a developer stating “You better believe it’s gonna”. It was deemed as an insensitive response for a topic of such nature. The comment section was quite skeptical about the inclusion of such a scenario in the game. This reply has now been deleted from the thread.

Ready Or Not Canceled

VOID Interactive has since parted ways with Team 17 as well as addressed the school shooting mission. Commenting on parting ways with Team 17, VOID Interactive tweeted, “VOID Interactive and Team17 have mutually agreed that Team17 will no longer publish Ready or Not. We are confident that this is the right path for the future of Ready or Not, and we thank Team17 for their partnership and wish them great success with their spectrum of games!”

Ready Or Not was almost canceled for the insensitive comments about a school shooting mission. However, the team has addressed the mission and assured fans that it will pay homage to those affected by the tragedy. The company addressed the mission in a lengthy tweet that started “There is no easy way to address this issue without creating strong emotional responses from one group or another, but we will do our best.”

The tweet went on to assure the gaming community about its commitment to dealing with the topic sensitively. “We are dedicated to promoting a level of authenticity and realism in our video game, Ready Or Not, that carries with it difficult subject matter. We understand that this requires a certain responsibility — to our fans and community, yes, but also to those who have been impacted by the traumatic events law enforcement all too often responds to. Rest assured, our aim is to handle all of Ready Or Not‘s content with the level of weight and respect that it warrants.”

Read the full contents of the Void Interactive tweet below:

This is why Ready Or Not was canceled but recent developments should help it pave the way back in favor of the gaming community. Check out Games Adda’s Ready Or Not Guides for more updates about the game.