How To Make A Cloud In Little Alchemy 2

Struggling to make Cloud in Little Alchemy 2? This guide is what you need to go through.

Cloud is one of the items in Little Alchemy 2. When it comes to making a Cloud in the game, it is quite simple. You have to combine the basic items to make the elements necessary for making Cloud. Read on to know the recipe to make Cloud in the game.

How to Make Cloud in Little Alchemy 2?

cloud little alchemy 2

There are several combinations of items that can give you Cloud. Below are listed the combinations with which you can make Cloud and keep exploring the items in Little Alchemy 2.

  • Water + Sky = Cloud
  • Water + Atmosphere = Cloud
  • Atmosphere + Mist = Cloud
  • Mist + Sky = cloud

Try out these combinations and you will be on your way. Now that you know how to make Cloud, know what can you create after mixing different items with Cloud in Little Alchemy 2.

What can you Make by Using Cloud?

A lot of things can be produced by mixing Cloud with different items in your list. Glance at the combinations mentioned in the list below and unlock items that are waiting to be deciphered.

  • Hail – You can get this by Cloud + Ice
  • Rainbow – Make this by Cloud + Light
  • Jupiter – You can produce this by Cloud + Planet
  • Lightning – You can create this by Cloud + Energy/Electricity
  • Skyscraper – Build this by Cloud + House
  • Sheep – You can make this by Cloud + Livestock
  • Storm – Stir a Storm by Cloud + Cloud/Electricity
  • Acid Rain – You can make this happen by Cloud + Sickness/Smog/Smoke
  • Rain – You can make this by Cloud + Water/Pressure
  • Cotton – You will get this by Cloud + Plant
  • Cotton Candy – Make this by Cloud + Sugar
  • Fog – You can get this by Cloud + Mountain/Hill/Field/Forest

The core of Little Alchemy 2 is basically science and fun wrapped in combination of two elements. Keep discovering and making new items like you did with Cloud. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Now that you’re here, why not check out Guide to Unlock Planet Crafter Map and Guide to play Pyramid Head in DBD.