GTA Online Money Glitch 2022 Guide – How To Make Money Fast?

Slogging to earn money in GTA Online is quite the pain for some players

GTA is a massively successful franchise that has spawned multiple sequels, prequels, and spin-offs. One thing that remains common across all versions of GTA is that players need money in the game. In fact, multiple missions in GTA require a certain amount of money for tasks like buying properties, clothes, cars, etc. However, slogging to earn money in GTA Online is quite the pain for some players and that’s where the GTA Online Money Glitch 2022 Guide comes into play. These are some of the glitches that players can use in GTA 5 Online in order to make money.

GTA Online Money Glitch 2022 Explained

1. Lucky Wheel Glitch

This glitch allows GTA Online players to spin the Lucky Wheel numerous times to make money from it. Introduced in the Diamond Casino & Resort update, the Lucky Wheel can be spun once each day for rewards. Players can get premium cars worth a lot of money if they hit the jackpot. However, there is a way to spin the Lucky Wheel infinitely till it hits the jackpot. To do this, players need to set their spawn location to the casino. Once at the Casino, players should spin the Lucky Wheel. If players win the grand prize that’s great. In case players do not hit the jackpot though, they can immediately terminate their internet connection. This will invalidate the spin and let the players try again.

GTA ONLINE Money Glitch 1

2. Boat Glitch

YouTuber SuperXee also has a few handy tips about exploiting a GTA Online glitch to make infinite money. In order to make use of this glitch, players will have to be CEO status and have a friend to help them out. There is a tug boat located in a port to the south of Los Santos that players should board. Once on deck, players will need to go towards the left side of the boat and jump inwards. Here, the game will glitch and players will be inside the boat. Now, they select the Most Wanted Challenge from their CEO server and stay safely inside the boat for the duration of the challenge. The police are unable to access the glitched part of the boat so players can easily hide out here for 10 minutes. As a reward for completing the challenge, players can earn up to $50,000. It’s an easy way to get a lot of money in the game with very little effort on the player’s part. Players can implement the same method to earn from Executive Search as well.

GTA ONLINE Money Glitch

3. Cayo Perico Heist Replay

Much like the Lucky Wheel glitch, this glitch allows players to redo the Cayo Perico Heist finale again while giving the payout every time. For this, players will need to quit the game while the character is handing out money in the cutscene. This will cause a glitch that will let players keep the money they got for completing the quest but not actually count the quest as complete. Players can replay the Heist to keep earning from it. This glitch is best performed on PC in solo play.

GTA ONLINE Money Glitch 2

These are some of the GTA Online Money Glitch 2022 that we’ve come across. These are not the only glitches available to make money in GTA Online. However, these are the safest glitches that do not compromise with players’ data.  There are a lot of services that claim to generate in-game money but these are more likely to be scams. Players should not part with their personal information like their in-game ids at such sites.

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