How To Fix GTA Online Not Working Issue In 2022?

Here are multiple ways to fix GTA Online not working right now.

Is GTA Online Down? There are tons of fans across the world who are currently searching for this question on the internet. If you too are one of them and looking for a solution to fix ‘GTA Online not working’ then you are in the right place. Before we directly jump to the solution, let me tell you that you are not the only one who has been encountering this issue. Yes, there are plenty of users who are unable to play GTA Online because the GTA site is not working for them.

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How To Fix GTA Online Not Working Error In 2022

If you want to get rid of the ‘GTA Online Not Working’ issue and play the game smoothly then apply the following solutions. Since this error occurs due to multiple reasons, we have come up with a bunch of solutions that you will have to use to fix it. Once you have successfully fixed the ‘GTA Site It Not Working’ error, do let us know in the comment section below which method worked for you.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at each solution one by one:

1. Check Server Outage

Before we teach you any technical way to fix this error, it would be better to check whether the GTA server is down or not. If the server is down, you have no option left but to wait until the server is up again. To check GTA server status, you will have to have click on the following links.

When you visit these sites, you will get to know the status of the GTA server. If the issue is not from their end then you will have to follow the below-mentioned methods to fix the error.

2. Try To Play Another Game For A While

If none of the above solutions work for you then you must try playing another game for a while. If you are not having any issue playing other games on PC, PS4 and Xbox then switch to GTA Online and check if the error persists. There are chances that this method will surely fix the issue that you are currently having.

3. End All GTA 5 Resources

Since the server of GTA is up and the issue that you are currently encountering could be happening from your end then there are chances that the game is having trouble connecting to the online server. Error likes this happens quite a lot in games like GTA Online. To fix this issue, you will have to open your resource manager and suspend all GTA 5 resources.

Note: I advise you to use this solution only when you got stuck on the infinite loading screen.

4: Reset Your Router Completely

If you continue to encounter the ‘GTA Online Not Working’ error then you will have to troubleshoot the network that you are using to play the game. If the error is happening due to your Network, this could fix the issue temporarily.

To troubleshoot the network, you will have to unplug your router and plug it back in to see if the error remains. If it does not help you to get rid of the issue then try resetting the router. Once you have successfully reset your router, restart your PC and connect to the network and run the game.

If you are still encountering the same error then try switching to another network if you have. If switching to the network does not work then jump to the next solution that we have.

However, if none of the above-mentioned solutions fix the ‘GTA Online Not Working’ error in 2021, you will need to try contacting the support team of the game. If we come across any more solutions, we will update here.