Fate/Grand Order: How To Get Saint Quartz

Players can summon 3-star or higher rarity cards with this item.

Fate/Grand Order is a free-to-play Japanese mobile game based on Type-Moon’s Fate/stay night franchise. Saint Quartz is a premium resource in Fate/Grand Order. It can be used to summon Servants or craft Essences. When players summon using Saint Quartz, they are guaranteed to get a 3-star or higher rarity card. However, players might wonder how they can get Saint Quartz in the game. This is exactly what we will explain in the article below.

How To Get Saint Quartz In Fate/Grand Order?


There are multiple ways to get the Saint Quartz in Fate/Grand Order. We have explained each of them below and players can choose whichever method suits them best. Usually, players will have to mix and match a lot of these methods to gain sufficient amounts of Saint Quartz.

Log In Rewards

Players are rewarded for logging in daily in the game. These rewards also include the Saint Quartz. So, one of the easiest ways to get this premium resource is by simply logging in to the game every day.

Completing Quests

Some quests in Fate/Grand Order also give the Saint Quartz as a reward for completion. Players should keep an eye out for such quests and complete them to progress in the game and gain some Saint Quartz.

Event Rewards

Many events in the game also give the Saint Quartz as reward. Like quests, players will have to keep checking for events that offer this reward to participate and earn it.

Saint Quartz Fragments

Players can also exchange Saint Quartz Fragments for Saint Quartz in Da Vinci’s Workshop. They will need 7 fragments to exchange for 1 Saint Quartz. Any Saint Quartz players get through this method is considered Free.

Raise Servant Bond Points

When players raise the Servant Bond Points to a certain level, they are rewarded with Saint Quartz. In addition, players will also receive Saint Quartz when they reach the final ascension of a Permanent, Limited, or Story-Locked Servant.


Players can also purchase Saint Quartz through the game shop using real money.


Sometimes game developers can treat players if the game servers have been down due to server maintenance or technical issues.

This is all there is to know about getting Saint Quartz In Fate/Grand Order. For more guides related to the game, check out Fate/Grand Order: How To Transfer Data?