Epic Seven: When To Summon?

Want to know when to summon in Epic Seven? Check this guide out.

Epic Seven is a Gacha game and you have to roll for heroes in the designated portals. As you have to collect the necessary bookmarks to use the summons, you have limited resources and expansive scope of obtaining heroes. This makes it tricky to under when to summon in Epic Seven.

If you’re a relatively new player, it is understandable that you might lack the judgment of acquiring playable characters in this game. Thus, we have prepared a complete guide for you to refer to. Go through this guide and learn more about the same.

When to Summon in Epic Seven?

Summon in Epic Seven

Keep in mind that each hero requires the necessary artifact and equipment to unleash their full potential in battles. So, you have to be prepared to grind every time you use a summon. Hence, it is essential for you to know when to summon in Epic Seven.

The best tip you need is to save most of your bookmarks and Skystones for future limited banners. Limited banners are the best bet you have to gain guaranteed 4 or 5-Star heroes. In case you don’t have enough heroes to build a team, you can use the Covenant Summon banner to get decent heroes. And make your team for the time being.

As building a team is important to explore the other modes of the game. This way, you can farm the materials and equipment for the heroes faster. Make sure you don’t use up all your Skystones as they are very essential materials in the game and quite tricky to obtain in large chunks. So, it is better to save them now than to regret later.

By now, you’d have gotten a fair idea about when to summon in Epic Seven. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to browse through other similar articles such as How Many Bookmarks to Collect for Pity in Epic Seven? and How does Selective Summon work?