How To Get Corn In FarmVille 3?

Find out how to get this crop in the game and make a tidy profit.

FarmVille 3 is the latest game in the popular farming simulation series. Players can raise all kinds of animals, grow crops, and build up their little town to great success in the game. Farming is one of the major components of the game. As players progress, they can unlock more types of crops to grow. Corn is quite a useful crop to unlock in FarmVille 3. It can give decent amounts of profit to the player.

Let us find out how to unlock corn in the game.

How To Obtain Corn In FarmVille 3?


Players that want to grow corn will first need to unlock it by reaching Level 12 in FarmVille 3. This can be easily attained by doing regular chores around the town. Players can also purchase new animals for their farm to gain XP. Players can also get new animals by breeding two animals or completing deliveries on the Delivery Board. In addition, players can also earn more XP by doing maintenance on their farms. For example, weeding and clearing waste materials can all give additional XP to players.

However, all of these activities will require Energy. Consistently using Energy can drain it pretty fast and players will have to wait for the Energy to refill before they can perform any more actions in the game. Alternatively, players can also buy Energy through the game shop. However, this will often require using real money which players might not want to do. Players could also watch an ad to restore it. Training workers on the farm will significantly reduce the Energy Cost over time.

Once players have reached Level 12, Corn will be unlocked automatically. Players will find this crop on the second page of the list of crops. it costs 150 coins to plant and gives 380 coins when harvested.

That is everything players need to know about unlocking Corn in FarmVille 3. For more related guides, check out FarmVille 3: How To Get Exotic Animals?