Farmville 3: How To Sell Animals?

This guide will explain how players can sell an animal in FarmVille 3

FarmVille 3 is a farm simulator game where players can grow their own crops and raise cute animals on their farm. Players can also sell their crops and animals to earn money or useful in-game items. It is quite easy to sell normal animals in FarmVille 3. However, players might face a bit more challenges trying to sell Exotic animals.

Let us take a look at how selling animals works in the game.

How To Sell Animals In FarmVille 3?


Players can get normal animals like cows, chickens, or sheep and also exotic animals like the arctic fox or the bog turtle. The method to sell these animals varies slightly. While players can simply sell normal animals by click on the dollar sign next to them, this is not true for exotic animals. Exotic animals are unlocked once players reach level 9 in the game. Players can get these animals by completing Exotic Quest Chapters and opening Exotic Chests.

For exotic animals, players can sell if they get a repeat animal through a Chest. They will be given the option to either keep the animal or sell it. In addition, players can also go to their farm animal menu and see the number of exotic animals they have. If they see an animal they want to sell, they can click the Sell button to initiate the sale. As shown in the picture above, players will get to see what they will get in return before they agree to the sale. This way they can decide whether the trade is something they want or not. If the exchange is agreeable to the player, all they need to do is click on the Sell button to confirm the sale.

This is how players can sell normal and exotic animals in FarmVille 3. For more related guides, check out How To Get Corn In FarmVille 3?