Clusterduck: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide And Tips & Tricks

Here is a list of all the beginner's tips in Clusterduck.

Clusterduck is a scientific game based on genetics. Here you have to collect and breed ducks in order to make the best combination of genes. Collect as many ducks as you can and help them mutate genetically in Clusterduck. If you have just started playing this game then here is a Clusterduck beginner’s guide helping you collect all the rare, exotic, and legendary ducks.

Follow the tips and tricks to improve your gameplay and breed the best ducks in Clusterduck.

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Clusterduck Beginner’s Guide

Watch Ads To Hatch Eggs Faster

Clusterduck Beginners Guide

There are three ducks at the beginning that will hatch and produce more ducks. There are different types of ducks like legendary, rare, and exotic. The rare eggs take time to hatch as compared to the common eggs.

In such times you can watch an ad to hatch eggs and get the rare duck that you can use later to breed and get more rare ducks in Clusterduck.

Dump the Unwanted Ducks

Clusterduck Beginners Guide

There is room for only 25 ducks in the yard at a time in Clusterduck. So if you want to get the best and most rare exotic ducks and get the maximum points then you will have to dump a few ducks to maintain the required count. Dump the unwanted, common ducks that are of no use to you in duck hole and keep the best one in the yard.

Collect All The Duck Parts

Clusterduck Beginners Guide

There are different duck parts like head, arm, tail, wings, etc that you get on hatching rare eggs. Try and collect all the duck parts as they will help you in the game later. You can check all the duck parts you collected so far in the ducktionary in the game.

Hold More Ducks Or Hatch More Ducks

The usual limit per yard is 25 ducks at a time but you can increase the number of ducks per yard from the in-game purchase. Purchase the space that will help you hatch more eggs and hold more ducks by paying real-world money to level up faster in the game.

This last tip is completely optional and one can skip it and go at the regular pace of the game.

This is everything you need to know about the Clusterduck beginner’s guide.