Clash Of Clans Forecaster: Everything You Need To Know (January 2022)

Is Clash Of Clans Forecaster Safe To Use?

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play game that has gained popularity eversince its release in 2012. The mobile strategy game allows players to build villages, train troops and charge into battle. Loot is an important part of the game. However, predicting the loot can be quite difficult. This is where Clash Of Clans Forecaster comes into play. Today, we will discuss what Clash Of Clans Forecaster is, if it is safe to use and how it works.

Clash Of Clans Forecaster

What Is It?

Clash Of Clans Forecaster is a site that can predict loot based on statistical data for different regions in the world. It takes data like game population, gaming habits, as well as the time frame into account. Based on this data, the site forecasts the amount of unharvested mines and the number of collectors in Clash Of Clans at any given time. It gives players a Loot Index, a Farmer’s Forecast, Worldwide Stats, and Most Active Regions to judge the loot they can get from the game.

Clash Of Clans Forecaster

Is Clash Of Clans Forecaster Safe To Use?

According to Scamadviser, “ is very likely not a scam but legit and reliable. Our algorithm gave the review of a relatively high score. We have based this rating on the data we were able to collect about the site on the Internet such as the country in which the website is hosted, if an SSL certificate is used and reviews found on other websites.”

However, as per Google the site is not secure. It suggests that you do not enter any private or personal information on this page and if possible not to use the site. Further, it states that the site’s privacy could be compromised.

User discretion is the best way forward when using any third-party tools. This site is not affiliated with Supercell or the official Clash Of Clans team in any way. It is a third-party site that uses player’s in-game data to predict loot.

How Does Clash Of Clash Forecast Predict Loot?

This site functions by using player data to predict patterns that can help players get better loot in the game. It can predict the number of players online/offline so players can decide when to attack for resources. To accurately predict loot in the game, Clash Of Clans Forecaster divides players as per their age group and frequency of play.

The age groups are Children, Young Adults, and, Adults. For these categories, the site considers the time table of a regular person in that age. For example, Children would have school on weekdays and would not be online during those hours. Similarly, Young Adults and Adults would also have specific job hours. With these points in mind the site can accurately predict when players will be online in most strength and when the game would be relatively empty.

In addition, Clash Of Clans Forecaster also takes into consideration the frequency with which gamers play the game. These categories are Rare, Moderate, and Extereme. This does not require much explanation. Rare players are the ones that seldom play the game and Moderate players don’t play all the time but with a lot more frequency than Rare players. On the other hand, Extereme players are the ones that are playing the game almost throughout the day.

Further, the site also takes into consideration the days of the week and holidays. Players tend to indulge in Clash Of Clans more over the Weekends and Holidays as compared to Weekdays.

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What Is Loot Index And Farmer’s Forecast In Cash Of Clans Forecaster?

Loot Index gives players an idea about the quality of loot available in the game at the moment. It rates the loot from 1-10. A higher loot index means that there is a higher chance of farming a good loot. For Example a Loot Index of 10 is considered Excellent but a Loot Index of 1 is Poor. The Farmer’s Forecast located next to the Loot Index aptly explains what the situation of loot is at that moment. It also forecasts how the Loot Index is predicted to change over the next few hours. Moreover, Farmer’s Forecast also gives a guideline to when players can expect Good loot again.

Clash Of Clans Forecaster 1

What Is Worldwide Stats And Most Active Regions In Clash Of Clans Forecaster?

Worldwide Stats and Most Active Regions basically provide further stastical data for the players. Worldwide Stats include data like Loot Minutes Available and Net Change This Minute. In addition, it also registers data like how many CoC players are online and offline at the given time. Another useful stat that Clash Of Clans Forecaster provides is the number of Shielded and Attackable players in the game. Moreover, the Most Active Regions provide a roadmap of the countries that have the  most active CoC at the given time.


WorldWide Stats Clash Of Clans Forecaster

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